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Hemateja ‘Mani’ Aluru

How Swym’s culture allows you to shape your own growth roadmap

Finding an alignment between personal passions and compay projects is rare. But that’s what Mani Aluru found at Swym. Since starting his career as an intern, Mani has found countless opportunities to pursue his passions and find success at Swym—all while growing his skillset and passion for programming.


A yearning for learning

Mani is a self-taught programmer, and taught himself to code while purusing his degree in electronic engineering.

“When you know how the hardware works, you can write code in a way that makes it work more efficiently,” Mani says, “I also got to see how customers feel about hardware products. When you’re always thinking about how the customer interacts with your product, it lets you deliver a better user experience.”

At the end of his engineering program, Mani learned about Swym. From the moment he read the job description, he knew Swym was the right internship to jumpstart his career. 

“I was shocked to see there was no list of technology or languages I needed to know. This was very different from other companies,” he says, “The application said, ‘You should love programming,’ and I knew this was the place for me.”

“It felt like the words were speaking directly to me,” Mani says. “I never wanted to be the guy who knows everything. I wanted to be the guy who can learn anything. And this opportunity really excited me.”

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Not just an intern

Talking about his very first day as an intern, Mani recalls, ““I started working with my team lead right away. They didn’t view me as an intern, but trusted me as a team member,” he says, I got to work on code that drove real impact for our customers. And iIt made me feel important right from the start.” 

Soon, Mani’s internship transitioned into a full-time position. As he grew into his new role, Mani learned a lot not only from his experiences but also from the team surrounding him. 


“One thing I love about Swym is that no one puts you down.  Everyone helps build you up so you can learn how to make the next version even better,” Mani says. 


Mutual goals, mutual growth

At Swym, we believe that everyone’s got their strengths. We want to help Swymmers build on their strengths in a way that works for them and the organization.


“The goals I’m given for the end of the year align well with my own goals,” Mani says. “This means I’m working on both of them at the same time and get to shape my career trajectory.” 

He says that open communication is key to this alignment. As a result, Mani feels like feels like his work is meaningful, and is driving direct impact. This keeps him excited about finding new ways to grow. 

“Development at Swym isn’t bonded to any programming language or technology. So I’m able to explore and expand my horizons by pursuing areas that interest me,” Mani says. “It’s something that makes me love my job and want to get better at it.”


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