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Aishwarya Krishnamurthy

How Swym’s Culture of Trust and Remote Work Options Allow a Rich Work-Life Balance

Trying to maintain a balance between a full-time career and raising a family is challenging. Few people know this better than Aishwarya Krishnamurthy, a customer success manager at Swym. 

When she isn’t managing relationships with enterprise clients, she’s at home taking care of her daughter. But for Aishwarya, balancing a career and family life has been much easier since joining Swym nearly a year ago. 

“When I was interviewing with Swym, I told them I had a child to take care of. I said I could only be available during certain hours. The team said they understood and welcomed me,” she reflects, “Since then, the work-life balance has been so refreshing.”


Taking Ownership

For working parents with young children at home, flexibility is crucial. Whether an employee is working during certain hours, working remotely, or needs a unique arrangement, Swym strives to ensure everyone can have a fulfilling life at home and at work. 

“The people here are so employee-oriented,” Aishwarya says, “They’ll do everything they can to make sure you’re not burnt out.” 

Swym’s culture of employees taking ownership contributes to the flexibility it offers. Aishwarya reflects on how managers trust their team members, empowering them to fit work around their life rather than the other way around. 

“Swym offers a lot of leeway in taking ownership. As long as my deliverables are in place, nobody is really asking questions,” she says, “The culture here is all about trusting employees.” 

For Aishwarya, a trusting work environment means she has more time to raise her daughter. She says, “Here, I can choose my own hours and build my life. Starting early in the day means when I get my work done, I can spend more time with my daughter in the evening.” 

Of course, taking ownership isn’t just about flexibilty. According to Aishwarya, employees also have a variety of opportunities to grow and take charge of their careers. 

“Each day feels new. I came here looking for something more fulfilling than my past jobs,” she says. “Being diligent, working hard, and understanding my responsibilities all make my work exciting. There are so many things to learn.” 


Work From Anywhere

Many companies were forced to adapt remote work models in the wake of the pandemic. For Swym, a remote-first identity has always been at the forefront. 

“It’s not just work from home. It’s work anywhere,” Aishwarya says. 

Since Swym doesn’t require employees to work from one location, go-getters like Aishwarya can work from wherever life demands. 

“Completely remote means I’m not tied to a certain place. I can go visit friends and family who live out of town and log in for work there to start the week. I can even work on the beach if I want,” she says, “And it’s not just where. Flexibility allows me to travel whenever I want.” 

Even when she isn’t traveling, Aishwarya loves the benefits of her flexible work arrangement. She thinks more people should embrace freedom. 


Aishwarya adds, “It’s an amazing opportunity for homemakers who want to get back into the workforce. I can take breaks to check in on my daughter. I don’t have to be away for eight or nine hours per day.” 

With the excitement of being able to work from anywhere, Aishwarya says Swym employees are quick to share what they’re up to. Her favorite Slack group is called Non-Work and is reserved for sharing pictures and experiences that might not otherwise be possible if you were tied down to an office. 

“Working here, the balance between work and my own life, it’s all just been refreshing,” she adds. “You can tell Swym has truly embodied the culture of work-life balance in the fabric of the organization.” 

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