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How Tibi found customers 4x more likely to convert with Swym Back in Stock Alerts

Industry: Lifestyle - Fashion & Accessories        Country: United States        Platform: Shopify


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Founded by Amy Smilovic in 1997, Tibi is a women’s luxury brand designed through the lens of Creative Pragmatism, a design philosophy that balances highly conceptual creativity with utility and functionality. Each piece communicates along the spectrum of chill, modern, and classic, fostering personal expression that is also functional and wearable. Through Smilovic’s Creative Pragmatist philosophy, Tibi delivers an ever-evolving perspective on what clothing should do for us and how fashion and style can be deliberated and understood.

The challenge

As an ever-evolving brand, it was no surprise that Tibi went online way ahead of the ecommerce boom, way back in 2010. Soon they had customers purchasing their statement pieces from all over the world. To cater to this global demand they set up operations through multiple warehouse locations.  Demand was so high that their products were going off their virtual shelves fast, leaving their customers disappointed. They were looking for a solution that allowed them to let their customers sign up to be notified when their favorites were back in stock. 


The complexity, in their case, was on two fronts:
  • They needed a back in stock solution that could send warehouse-specific notifications or alerts
  • The solution needed to integrate with their marketing tech stack, specifically Klaviyo

The Solution

They found the answer to both these complexities with Swym Back in Stock Alerts. The app’s multi-location feature supported their Shopify Locations by tracking inventory at a location level, with the added benefit of selecting which inventory would be made available for online store fulfillment. The app also integrated seamlessly with Klaviyo, allowing them to send location-specific alerts through their marketing tool, keeping all their customer communications in one place.

“Back in Stock Alerts for specific Shopify warehouse locations were not available in our current platforms when we launched Shopify POS."

The impact

With Swym Back in Stock alerts, Tibi was able to send the right alert to the right customer, based on their location. This ensured that customers didn’t get alerted for inventory spikes at other locations, and made it easier for Tibi to manage their logistics.  The integration with Klaviyo meant that they could offer a homogenous customer experience by customizing these alerts to fit into their brand’s aesthetic.  Not only that, but since their association with Swym in 2022, they also found that the app was able to help them engage customers that were 4x more likely to convert, driving up their online revenue.

“The Swym team has been an integral part of our strategy for the app. They have shown us areas of growth that we can capitalize on and best practices amongst the industry. They were able to listen to our needs and provide solutions to solve any problems we came across.”

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