How POPFLEX added 90K+ customers to their marketing funnel (and how you can too)

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Popflex, the workout wear brand founded by Cassey Ho of Blogilates, got over 90K people to register through their BFCM giveaway campaign. And over half of these were new customers!

How did they do it? With a Wishlist Giveaway campaign, using Wishlist Plus. 

We spoke with Jen-Ai Notman, Vice President of Marketing at POPFLEX to understand more about why this worked so well for them. Read on for key insights, tips and takeaways from our conversation with her that you can apply to your own campaigns.

What is a Wishlist Giveaway campaign?

A wishlist giveaway is a campaign where the winner builds a wishlist and wins what is on it — kind of like an online shopping spree.. In the case of Popflex, this giveaway had one lucky winner who would win Popflex products from their wishlist, up to $1000.

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Why does it matter?

Getting the email IDs of over 45K new customers, is a big win in itself. But what makes Popflex stand apart is their clever way of turning this giveaway into a tool to engage their online community, collect customer preferences and gather product intelligence.

Who does a Wishlist Giveaway work for?

While having a big community on social media can definitely add to the success of a Wishlist Giveaway campaign, Jen-Ai mentions that this type of giveaway will work well for any brand that has a variety of products and a big catalog.

“Regardless of the size of your social community, if you have a wide enough variety of products, this campaign can be effective ."

Jen-Ai Notman

When should you run a Wishlist Giveaway?

Popflex has made the giveaway a staple part of the activities leading to BFCM, so that their customers know to expect it and look forward to it. But you can choose to run it at any time you plan to run discounts or if you have product launches.


Why wishlist giveaways work:

#1 Knowing = Loving
Wishlisting helped build customer interest and investment in the product

One of Jen-Ai’s suggestions to get more high-value customers into your funnel is by getting them to familiarize themselves with your offerings instead of motivating them purely with discounts. 


The Wishlist Giveaway campaign does a great job of getting people to browse your website and go through your product selection in detail. While building their wishlists, customers are also motivated to think about what products they like, without price being a factor.

“So going into Black Friday/Cyber Monday, not only will they have developed interest in your products, but they will have a curated list (of your products) that they created for themselves”

Jen-Ai Notman

#2 From social to the inbox
Wishlists can help bring communities into a marketing list

Cassey Ho, the founder and CEO of Popflex, has created a huge community on social media and this makes Popflex a social-first brand. The challenge was to bring this community into their marketing platforms. 


Through the Wishlist Giveaway campaign Popflex was able to direct this audience to a platform (i.e. Wishlist Plus) where they could organically capture their contact information. This information flowed into Klaviyo and helped grow their marketing lists.

“Having a founder like Cassey Ho aka Blogilates, that has such a large community, is a huge benefit. The campaign helped us bring in more of her community into our retention programs.”

Jen-Ai Notman

#3 Segment while the iron is hot
Wishlists help understand customer preference for better personalization

With customers being flooded with marketing messages, relevant personalization has become key to ensure the effectiveness of these efforts. The 90K wishlists created through the Wishlist Giveaway became a prime source of data that helped Popflex personalize their outreach better.


Wishlist Plus’ integration with Klaviyo allows the app to send customer wishlist intelligence directly to the Klaviyo app. This allows the Popflex teams to create segmented audiences on Klaviyo and send them highly-personalized communication based on the type of products they have liked and wishlisted.

“Building on what we did last time, this year we’re customizing the communication for pre-Black Friday. So after the giveaway, anyone who has certain products in their wishlist will get specific emails (based on the products).”

Jen-Ai Notman


We, at Swym, are stoked to be the platform that Popflex trusts to handle the massive scale of their campaign. 

“The active communication, responsiveness and trust in the relationship allowed us to be completely confident while using Wishlist Plus to run our ‘Win Your Wishlist’ campaign.”

Jen-Ai Notman

Click here for a breakdown of how to run your own ‘Wishlist Giveaway campaign’. We can’t wait to drive results for you!

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