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How Lane 201’s AOV is 90% higher through Swym’s Wishlist Plus


Lane 201 is a fast-growing apparel company based out of Fort Wayne, IN, that strives to bring unique, casual, and chic styles to its customers at affordable prices. The brand’s name is derived from the street where their family lake house sits, which has inspired Lane 201 to bring the culture they value as a family into their business. They’ve created a space where their customers can feel safe and confident about how they look and feel.


$157K in revenue through Wishlist Actions

Group 11

45% of Wishlist revenue through Save for Later

Drive traffic

90% higher AOV through Wishlist Plus

The Problem

Before choosing Wishlist Plus, Lane 201 was using a different wishlist app that lacked some of the essential features the apparel store needed. These included the ability to create multiple lists, share wishlists, generate discount codes, integrate with ESP providers (like Klaviyo), and the option to save items for later. A lack of all these features resulted in a disjointed user experience, leaving the shoppers confused and frustrated.

The Objective

One of the primary goals of Lane 201 was to enhance its customers’ shopping experience. They wanted their online shoppers to have a comfortable and seamless experience on their website

To achieve this, they aimed to create a joyful browsing experience, making it effortless for customers to save items they love onto their wishlist.

They were also looking at a wishlist app with advanced analytical capabilities and flexibility to integrate with marketing tools to retarget their online shoppers based on their preferences and likes.

In other words, they wanted to provide a seamless and tailored shopping experience to their customers.

“I think we were just looking for a wishlist app that was easy for customers to use as well as giving them an easy way to save products, be reminded, and shop easier!”
Rylee Arnold
E-commerce Manager, Lane 201

The Solution

Here’s how Swym’s Wishlist Plus app was able to create the experience they were aspiring for:

  • A smooth ‘browse & save from anywhere’ experience for the customer: Wishlist Plus allows Lane 201’s customers to be able to add products to their wishlist from any page that they are browsing on – including the collections pages! It also made it easier for customers to pick their size and color preferences while adding that product to their wishlist, making their experience a lot more tailored. It also allows users to create multiple wishlists and edit these wishlists with ease.
  • In-depth analytics to understand customer preferences:

With Wishlist Plus’ detailed reporting, Lane 201 was able to get insights into their top users and top products. Armed with information about which products their customers preferred, Lane 201 was able to cater to their online shoppers better. 

  • Reaching customers with the right message at the right time:

The combination of the app’s ‘Add to Marketing feature’ and the native integration with Klaviyo was a game changer for Lane 201. It allowed them to create more targeted and segmented marketing campaigns with the right messaging, including price drop alerts, low stock alerts, discounts and offers. 

Additionally, Lane 201 also benefited though some of the ‘extra’ features that came with Wishlist Plus such as:

  • Abandoned cart recovery through ‘Save for Later’
  • Growth in their marketing lists through a pop-up Wishlist reminder
  • Increased user-led awareness through Wishlist sharing via social media and emails


Since their move to Wishlist Plus, Lane 201 has seen a 90% increase in the AOV for orders coming through Wishlist Plus. And they’ve been able to create a customer experience that keeps bringing shoppers back!

“We have seen really positive results. We have had an amazing increase of revenue coming from Wishlist in the short time we've used it. We also love the integration with Klayvio and look forward to building on that.”
Rylee Arnold
E-commerce Manager , Lane 201

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