How Swym apps help Brighton boost AOV and LTV

Brighton, a 30+ year leading manufacturer, retailer, and wholesaler of jewelry, handbags, American-made leather goods, and accessories, was an early arrival to the world of online sales.

By 2022, the brand decided to make a significant investment in the next era of digital re-launching the flagship brighton.com on the Shopify Plus platform alongside many other initiatives that weave together a brick and mortar boutique experience with digital delivery. Brighton’s success is founded upon a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service and this focus has led to an incredibly loyal customer base. (Brighton sees repeat order rates unheard of in their vertical.)

The context

Brighton’s commitment to delivering an experience that puts customers in the driver’s seat, online and offline, creates a virtuous growth cycle. The results speak for themselves: at Brighton, shoppers who use both online and offline touchpoints (multi-channel customers) have an over 40% higher LTV than those who use only one channel.

Our core strategy is to make it (omnichannel) organic. We’re not forcing omnichannel. Of course, we are all consumers – we are ‘the customer’. And so we’re building the kind of natural experience we ourselves would want to have.”- Matthew Kohl, VP of Digital

How does Brighton achieve this?


The challenge

Specifically, Brighton came to Swym to provide functionality for Wishlists and Back in Stock
alerts. The solutions needed to be:
ONLINE: Carefully designed and branded on brighton.com.
OFFLINE: Accessible to Brighton’s store partners and associates (clienteling).
CONNECTED: Merged with Brighton’s existing, extensive repository of shopper

These ideals had to be achieved affordably and quickly. Once in place, the solution had to be fast, accurate, and reliable.
“We knew our customers would expect the same sense of ease and exclusivity on the website as they do in-store – remembering what products we love, speaking with knowledgeable staff about what we want, and sharing that with others are all important parts of this. And that wouldn’t happen unless the online experience felt native and was connected to the store experience.”  – Jennifer Scruggs

The Solution

Brighton turned to experts Jennifer Scruggs from Scruggs Consulting and Samuel Friedman
from Elias Interconnect for support integrating Swym’s unique toolset:
Swym’s Wishlist Plus allowed Brighton to ingest 700,000 records of customer preference data into intuitive online wishlists that could continue then be activated across devices.
Swym’s Back in Stock Alerts ensured that if a key product ran out of stock, interested customers could be automatically notified when inventory was again available.
Swym’s mature APIs allow Brighton to leverage back-in-stock and wishlist information across online and offline touchpoints, breaking the silos between their online and offline presence.

Deciding factors

Brighton chose Swym for a seamless UX, speed, value, extensibility, and partnership.
Seamless UX: Wishlist and Back in Stock functionality needed to feel native and on-brand.
‘With Swym, we felt like we were able to own the experience and customize everything so easily to our brand. It feels seamless to our customers” Jennifer Scruggs
Speed: Swym’s solutions are no- or low-code integrations with the Shopify ecosystem.
Value: For most brands (including Brighton), Swym’s solutions are significantly less expensive to implement and maintain than a custom solution.

Extensibility: Brighton’s store partners and associates utilize a sophisticated clienteling application to sustain conversations with loyal customers including what each person has purchased, browsed, or liked. This clienteling application would have to “speak to” customer preferences registered with Swym.

“The differentiator with Swym is the API surface to tie Swym’s core technology to the clienteling tools we use in-store.” Samuel Friedman

Partnership: The Swym onboarding and support staff maintain a “one team” mentality with Swym’s clients. They collaborated closely with myriad technical and business stakeholders at Brighton, relentlessly tuning the solution for a successful go-live.

The Impact

Swym’s Wishlist Plus and Back in Stock Alerts on brighton.com deliver real value:

Customers using Wishlist Plus have a 34% higher AOV than customers who do not yet use this feature.
Back in Stock alerts consistently recover thousands in lost sales.
Back in Stock intelligence also helps with inventory planning: Brighton can see which products are most sought-after and replenish accordingly.

“Just going to the main dashboard, we can very quickly and easily see recent activity like which products customers were wishlisting, which products they wanted back in stock, and the associated revenue. Basically, within a minute, you can get a pretty good grasp of what’s going on. Previously, we had no clue about all this information. It’s been super helpful.” Matthew Kohl

aside, Brighton also felt like they found the human, yet technically sound, partnership they were looking for with Team Swym. The regular updates and follow-ups from Swym’s support team via email and Zoom kept the Brighton team informed of progress. Additionally, Swym’s readiness to collaboratively and quickly accommodate custom requirements was key in completing the implementation successfully.

Swym’s servers were also capable of handling the millions of requests smoothly including during an extremely busy Q4!

Ready to get started?

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