How Bombshell Sportswear was able to increase revenue and AoV by leveraging Swym’s Tapcart integration

Industry: Lifestyle - Fashion & Accessories        Country: United States        Platform: Shopify        Integration: Tapcart, Klaviyo


Increase in conversion rates


Higher AOV


Bombshell Sportswear is an activewear brand founded by Dominique Zimmermann in 2014. The brand’s mission is to design the most flattering, durable and luxurious activewear on the market. Their high-quality, performance-enhancing activewear has, since then, amassed a devoted community of over 500K+ customers.

The customer and their requirement: A wishlist to rule them all

With such loyal customers (and great products) Bombshell Sportswear sees a lot of repeat business. A wishlist, therefore, is an integral part of their ecommerce experience, allowing their customers to easily keep track of their favorites. So, when their customers started sharing feedback about issues with the wishlisting experience on their mobile app, they took it seriously.

Bombshell Sportswear started looking for a wishlist solution that would work seamlessly with their Mobile App Builder, Tapcart. At the same time, they needed the wishlist data to also inform their marketing efforts.

The solution: Integrating with the best

The integration between Swym and Tapcart was integral in narrowing down on Wishlist Plus for their needs.

“Our app is really where most of our most loyal customers shop. They love our app. And so, being able to provide them specifically with all of the same features of the website, but also one that correlates across devices has been essential to our marketing strategy.”

Olivia Shapiro
Ecommerce Manager, Bombshell Sportswear

With this integration, Bombshell Sportswear’s customers were able to access their wishlists from any of their devices by simply signing in. By offering their customers a consistent experience across the mobile app and website, they were able to retain customers better. With this integration, customers could also interact with items from their wishlist directly from the checkout page, helping drive more impulse purchases and larger sales.


Additionally, having wishlist data synced across devices also helped them personalize their in-app marketing messages better. They were also able to send notifications via other channels by leveraging Swym’s capability of sending relevant, automatic notifications to customers natively. Bombshell Sportswear has also recently begun leveraging Swym’s integration with Klaviyo to create highly personalized marketing flows that are based on wishlist actions. 


Their previous experience with Swym further cemented their decision to opt for Swym Wishlist Plus. 

“I first used Swym’s Wishlist Plus in 2018, when the website developers for the swimwear brand I was working with back then recommended Swym. So, when I saw that Bombshell was using Swym too, I let out a sigh of relief, because it felt like a touch of home. It is nice to see that you guys kept evolving and upgrading your platform to offer customers more capabilities over time.”

Olivia Shapiro
Ecommerce Manager, Bombshell Sportswear

The impact:

With the launch of their new mobile app on Tapcart, they saw a 143% increase in the number of logged in wishlist users, 134% increase in wishlist actions, and a 73% increase in revenue through their wishlist.

But the biggest impact was on the customer experience, where they’ve seen a 50% increase in cross-device wishlist usage since they integrated Swym Wishlist Plus with their new mobile app!

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