How Noticed leveraged Wishlist Plus to deliver a conversion win, AOV increase and list growth for Sew Trendy

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187% conversion rate increase for customers who add to wishlist


13% higher average order for wishlist interactions


Substantial increase in engagement and subscriber opt in

The Challenge

Sew Trendy Accessories is a high-fashion, gown company that supplies photographers and mothers-to-be with cut-to-order maternity gowns and accessories.

With their business heavily skewing towards B2B photographers, a Sew Trendy wishlist is unlike that of a typical D2C customer. While the average shopper uses a wishlist to items they’d like to buy later, Sew Trendy’s highest-value customers use the feature to curate “mood boards” that communicate their vision and provide options to photography clients.

Unfortunately, the brand’s previous wishlist app was not up to the task. In the process of redesigning Sew Trendy’s Shopify Plus site, we discovered that their budget wishlist app was clunky and ineffective. Instead of arming photographers with an interactive experience for their clients, expectant moms were left high and dry with static screenshots that didn’t do the products justice and increased the likelihood of a mom-to-be being unhappy with her dress.

The Solution

Thanks to Wishlist Plus by Swym, Sew Trendy’s B2B customers now have an easier, more accurate way to display gown options to maternity clients.

First, Noticed placed ‘Add to wishlist’ heart icons in collection pages and product pages, making it easy for shoppers to add products to their wishlists. Next, they added a persistent heart icon to the header to make the wishlist easy to access through the shopping experience.

With the ability to create multiple wishlists in one account, photographers can also curate custom wishlists for each client to create a more personal maternity experience. 

Lastly, photographers can be more confident in their purchasing decisions and client satisfaction, knowing their order is exactly what their clients envisioned.


Since adding Wishlist Plus by Swym to Sew Trendy’s redesigned site in November 2019, the brand’s conversion rate has increased by 187% for customers who add items to a Wishlist. On top of this, these Wishlist conversions boast an average order value 13% higher than non-wishlist interactions.

Lastly, overall engagement has increased substantially with 7,700 new subscribers opting into Sew Trendy’s email list in just 3 months.

Wishlist Plus was a big upgrade over the budget wishlist Sew Trendy was using before. As always the Swym team was great to work with on this project. We're thrilled with the results!
Jeff Ginsburg
Team Lead, Design & Development at Noticed

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