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How Crunchyroll Uses Wishlist Event-Triggered Campaigns to Drive Email Revenue

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Crunchyroll has become the go-to place for all things anime since it was founded in 2006. It currently plays host to more than 40,000 episodes and 16,000 hours of anime, available in more than 200 countries and territories.

The streaming service gives anime fans a way to bring their favorite characters to life through the Crunchyroll Store. Here, fans can get their hands on everything from plushies to apparel and figurines to home décor. The Crunchyroll Store is also home to a variety of exclusive items and limited-time drops.

Ultimately, it is part of Crunchyroll’s wider mission of sharing the art and culture of anime with the world and giving everyone a place to belong.

Crunchyroll recently teamed up with Swym to leverage Wishlist Plus data to boost customer engagement with hyper-targeted email campaigns.


Wishlist Plus users convert 210% better


5% of total revenue through Swym


Increased customer engagement through the Swym - Klaviyo Integration

The Opportunity

With a dedicated audience of anime fans, products in the Crunchyroll store often sell themselves. But getting customers in front of them can be a challenge.

That’s exactly what targeted email campaigns can do.

Anime fans are looking for new products to add to their collection. Crunchyroll’s store is full of hot merchandise fans want to buy. So, when shoppers come across an item that catches their eye, they can add it to their wishlist or set up an alert if it’s out of stock.

Using Swym’s Wishlist Plus app and Klaviyo integration, Crunchyroll Store set up three powerful automated email campaigns.

The first focused on wishlist reminders, prompting shoppers to return to the store a few days after they added an item to their wishlist. Next, a low stock alert helps spark urgency by reminding shoppers that their favorite items won’t be around forever. Finally, the wishlist back-in-stock reminder lets customers know when the item they are looking for is available again.

The Results

Crunchyroll is seeing very impressive results with these highly personalized campaigns. Open rates for all of the campaigns are well over 50%. For contrast, the average marketing email open rate for the e-commerce industry is about 15-16%.

The personalized marketing enabled by Wishlist Plus promotes high engagement rates among customers and drives traffic back to your site. And they aren’t just one-time campaigns, they continue running throughout the year.

Utilizing automated email marketing with Swym’s data-driven Wishlist Plus app is a fantastic way to prompt shoppers to return to your store and make a purchase. You can learn how to set up various event-triggered campaigns in our Marketing Playbooks section.

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