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Wishlist Dashboard

If you have enabled Wishlist Plus on your store, then the Swym Dashboard gives you an overview of all the top metrics that you’d like to know. In this article, we will give you a sneak-peek into your Swym Dashboard and what each of these metrics mean.

Note: The metrics are dependent on the filter you choose from the top right corner. You can either choose between the last 30 days or month-to-date, which means from the starting of the month to the current date.

Let’s begin!

  • Revenue from Wishlist Plus – It’s the total revenue from wishlisted items in the chosen timeframe
  • Wishlist actions – Total no. of times ‘Add to Wishlist’ button or the heart icon has been clicked
  • Wishlist Plus Sessions – Total no. of sessions in which at least one wishlist action was performed
  • Current Plan – This is the plan you are currently on
  • Most recent Wishlist Plus Actions – Gives you information of the products that are recently wishlisted from your store. It contains the product image, title, and the date it was wishlisted.

  • Wishlist Products – Total no. of products wishlisted in the chosen timeframe
  • Orders from Wishlist Plus – Total no. of orders created from wishlisted products
  • Top Wishlisted Products – Displays the products that are frequently wishlisted by shoppers
  • Total Wishlist Users – Total no. of shoppers who have used wishlist in the chosen timeframe
  • Wishlist Plus AOV – Average order value of products wishlisted 
  • Top Wishlist users – Displays the most frequent Wishlist Plus shoppers

For more detailed insights, click on Wishlist Plus Reports from the left sidebar.