Support for Anonymous Users

For most eCommerce sites, a very small percentage of shoppers log in. By limiting access to your wishlist to logged in users you are introducing significant friction and limiting engagement by over 90% in most cases. In fact, most shoppers will simply leave your store if forced to log in. On average we see around a 10x increase in wishlist engagement for sites don’t hide it behind login.


Wishlist Plus allows all your customers to add and view their wishlisted items by default. If they are returning to your site via the same browser and device, they will still be able to access their wishlist. They can also save their wishlist by validating their email address to be able to access it across multiple devices. 

You might have reasons to require the customer to log in to access your wishlist.  If so, check out our article explaining how to require shoppers to log in to use Wishlist Plus.