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Connect Directly, Convert More: Unleash SMS Power in Your Marketing


In the world of instant communication, SMS stands out with unmatched open rates, driving immediate action and deepening customer relationships. Bring this high-impact channel into your marketing mix with Wishlist Plus and see your engagement convert into tangible revenue growth.


Wishlist Plus bridges your SMS strategy with your customer’s journey, turning every text into a meaningful conversation. By integrating with premier platforms like Klaviyo, Yotpo, and Attentive, we provide a straightforward path to engaging customers with personalization at scale.


Key Benefits:

  • Personalized Messaging at Scale: Craft messages based on individual customer wishlist data, delivering relevance at every touchpoint.
  • Action-Driven Communication: Use SMS to prompt customers about their wishlisted products, saved for later products, price drop alert, and back in stock alerts making it easy for them to act on their interests.


Simple Integration, Significant Impact: Wishlist Plus not only simplifies the integration of SMS into your marketing efforts but amplifies their effectiveness, setting the stage for enhanced customer loyalty and increased sales.