Share Wishlist with Friends and Family

Wishlist Plus gives shoppers the ability to share their wishlists with friends and family. The default experience, which enables shoppers to share via email is available for all Swym plans.

Share wishlist via email
Share wishlist via email or social

Merchants on starter plans and above can enable sharing via social media, which includes Facebook and Twitter.

Sharing a wishlist on Facebook
Sharing a wishlist on Twitter

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The default email template for sharing provides a great starting point for most merchants. It includes the name of the site and the message “Hi there! [email address] has shared their wishlist with you.” at the top along with a customized message added by the shopper who shared their list if they add one. It then displays the thumbnails for the products in the wishlist along with item names and prices as a hyperlink to the product detail page. Each product has its own “Buy Now” button.

Many merchants decide to customize the email. Below are a handful of examples.

Usage and revenue metrics are available on the Swym dashboard, making it easy track results. Select any date range via an intuitive dropdown.