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Personalize Customer Accounts

Transform your online store’s user experience with the Personalized Customer Accounts feature from Swym Wishlist Plus. This feature translates your shoppers’ preferences into a personalized shopping environment, increasing the likelihood of purchase. By placing the products they love front and center, you simplify their decision-making process.

What your shoppers get?

  • Everything in One Place: All the products they are interested in, whether recently viewed, wishlisted, added to cart, or back in stock, are conveniently displayed in one place—their account page.
  • Time-Saving: No need to search or browse. When returning to the store, shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for right on their account page, ready to be purchased.
  • Simplified Shopping: The visibility of preferred products reduces the effort to buy. Shoppers can easily add products to their cart and check out, making the purchase process a breeze.

How it helps you

  • Direct Sales Growth: Displaying customers’ wishlisted, recently viewed products, saved to cart, and those back in stock directly on their account page prompts more frequent purchases.
  • Loyal Customer Base: A personalized approach makes customers more likely to return. They value a store that remembers what they like.
  • Decrease Cart Abandonment: Remind customers about items they considered before, leading them to complete the purchase.