Point of Sale Support

You can now extend the functionality of our back in stock alerts app to your offline store, if you’re using Shopify POS. This extension is a great opportunity to bridge the gap between your online and physical stores and offer your customers a holistic shopping experience. 

Using this extension you can:

  • Enroll a customer for a back-in-stock alert during checkout
  • Check and edit their back-in-stock alerts subscriptions history

Once enrolled, these shoppers will receive alerts when the products they’ve enrolled for get restocked.

Some of the other ways this feature comes in handy includes:

  • Upselling: You can check if any of the products the shopper has subscribed to is available in-store and upsell it to them
  • Tailoring recommendations: You can check the subscription history of your walk-in customers to know more about their preferences and recommend similar products to them in store
  • Online engagement: Once you enroll a shopper for an alert, you can engage with them online by sending them email notifications, as well as reminders, when the product is back in stock. You can also retarget them on social media.

Note: This is available for merchants who are on the Swym Starter Plan or above