Omnisend Integration

The Swym+Omnisend integration enables you to personalize your email campaigns based on your customer’s shopping journey.

Send automatic in stock notifications and other targeted campaigns based on back in stock alert subscriptions. 

Scope of Integration

Enable super-targeted, highly relevant email to drive more sales with the following:

  • Back in stock alerts on restocked products
  • In stock alerts on new products
  • Incorporate Swym shopping journey data into your Omnisend triggered email campaigns.

How it Works

The Swym app feeds customer event data to Omnisend via their APIs, enabling you to create custom workflows in Omnisend based on these events to send personalized email campaigns. The first step is to enter your Omnisend API credentials in Swym Admin. Once that is completed, the Swym support team will work with you to validate that the integration is configured correctly.

Once the triggers have been set up, the Swym apps keep track of user actions and product events to ensure that the necessary triggers are invoked to send the relevant messages for those events to the right set of users. Custom workflows in Omnisend based on these events can be built to send personalized email campaigns.

Steps to enable Omnisend data integration

Authentication Credentials

  1. Login into your omnisend dashboard and from the top right menu section head to Account -> Store Settings and then click on Integrations & API -> API Keys.
  1. Use the Create API Key option to create a new key and copy it.
  1. Login into your Swym Dashboard and head to Integrations page from the right menu and click on the Configure button under Omnisend.
  1. Update the API Key under the Authentication Section and click on Save Changes.
  2. Head to Configure data events section and select the data events that you would like to publish to Omnisend and then click on Save Changes.
  1. Our support team will review all the information and enable the integration for you.

Omnisend Validation

  1. Once the integration is enabled the events will start flowing to Omnisend and you should see new Custom Events created on the Omnisend dashboard.
  2. Head to Store settings -> Integrations & API-> Custom Events
  1. You should see the Swym events with the appropriate event properties that we push in the payload.

Automation Flow Creation

  1. Head to the Automation page from the menu.
  1. Create a new workflow.
  1. On the automation workflow creation page click on Other -> Custom Workflow.
  1. Select the trigger from the top right section. As mentioned in the previous section the Custom Events pushed by swym will be listed here.
  1. From the left section drag and drop the appropriate action that you want to trigger, an email for example.
  1. Edit the email information and add the necessary information.
  2. Click on the Edit Content button on the right side to edit the email template.
  1. On the email creation page, you can either use the drag and drop feature or create your own email through the custom HTML Block. In this example let me drag and drop a Featured Product Block.
  1. Use the Insert Personalisation option to insert any custom event properties into the email template.
  1. Under Custom Event you can find all the custom properties.
  1.  Click on the property to insert it into a field.
  1. You can use this syntax to insert any available custom property even in a custom HTML block.
  1.  Please note that you cannot insert an Image URL in a product block through the custom event property. Omnisend suggests using a custom HTML block for this purpose.
  2. Once you are done with the changes, save the email template and to enable the flow click on Start Workflow.
  1. Once enabled the emails will be delivered to the customers who have triggered the appropriate flow.


Which Swym apps have the Omnisend integration available?

Back in Stock Product Alerts. Wishlist Plus will be available soon.

What Swym app plan is the Omnisend integration supported on?

The Omnisend integration is available on Swym Pro, Premium and Enterprise plans.

Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!