How to Set Minimum Stock Thresholds for Alerts

In many cases you will collect thousands of alert subscriptions for a popular product that’s out of stock. It’s important that you don’t send alerts to every subscriber if only a small shipment of inventory has arrived, or if your inventory has increased slightly due to returns.

To address this, our we allow you to set a minimum stock threshold for your inventory that prevents alerts from being sent out unless that threshold has been reached. For example, let’s set up a minimum threshold of 25 units from Swym Admin as shown in the GIF below: 

The Back in Stock emails will only be triggered if your inventory reaches 25 units. 

Note: This feature is available on our Pro plans and above.

How to set minimum stock thresholds for specific products

We also let you to set custom minimum stock thresholds for different products. By adding a custom tag on a set of products, you can set custom minimum thresholds for them.

Here’s how you can set this up: 

First, you must add a custom tag on the required products with a tag name of your choice, for example: 

Second, add the same custom tag at Swym Admin > Configure > BiS Product Alerts > Min Stock Threshold > Product-level Minimum Stock Thresholds as per the GIF below.

Note: This feature is available on our Premium plans and above.

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Let's discuss your needs!

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