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Add Wishlist Button to Quickview

Quite a number of stores have Quick View enabled to make shopping easier for customers. It is simple to enable “Add to Wishlist” functionality for Quick View as well.

1. Identify the Quick View rendering in your store. Based on your theme and the quick view app that you have installed, it varies. Some of the files that we have seen the quick view code to be on is

  • snippets/sca-quick-view-template.liquid
  • snippets/quick-view.liquid
  • templates/product.quick.liquid

2. Copy-paste the following snippet in the place where you want to show the button in your code

{% include 'swym-product-view', product: product %}<button class="swym-button swym-add-to-wishlist-view-product product_{{}}" data-swaction="addToWishlist" data-product-id="{{ | json}}"></button>

Suggestion : We recommend appending this section after the “<span>{{product.title}}</span>”

Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!

Let's discuss your needs!