Engage now extends to Shopify POS

Most Shopify merchants have been leveraging their online presence to drive retail sales across channels, including their brick and mortar locations.  With more & more shoppers doing online research before purchase, it is highly likely that the shopper has interacted with the online store in some manner before visiting a brick-and-mortar location. Regardless of the channel, today’s shoppers expect their shopping experience to be personalized, and that merchants are aware of their past interactions with the brand. Anytime there’s a perceived gap in that understanding, it hurts the merchant’s ability to deliver a wow experience. And whenever the store’s sales associates are able to understand the shopper’s needs based on their online behavior and provide a contextual experience in-store, it significantly improves customer engagement. Stores like Best Buy have spent millions of dollars to create handheld systems that help store attendants understand their shoppers’ needs better.

Armed with Shopify POS, how are you able to create personalized experiences that keep shoppers coming back? How are you enabling a seamless transition from the online to offline & vice-versa?  

Introducing the ‘Engage’ app for Shopify POS to help you transform your customer’s online or in-store experience into an ongoing, meaningful relationship.  Engage captures their shopping history, both online and offline, and presents it in a simple, easy to access format. 

With Engage, when a shopper walks into your store, the store associate can instantly know what products they’ve expressed interest in but haven’t purchased, and what products they browsed but couldn’t purchase because the right size wasn’t in stock, etc. Armed with this information, store associates not only get a sense of the customer’s shopping behavior, but they are also able to facilitate the customer’s journey and capture a potentially lost sale.

With the Engage app, store associates can also sign a customer up for an alert that automatically notifies them about back in stock items, or items they may have saved to their online wishlist.

Consumers expect seamless experiences. Engage can help maintain your competitive edge by leveraging the use of in-store technology to better meet your customer needs, build brand loyalty and drive sales.

Don’t have our Engage app? Download it here


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