Why White Oak Pastures moved to Wishlist Plus for a better experience and 4X conversions

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higher items per order


higher AOV


White Oak Pastures is a 158-year-old family farm centered around ‘Radically Traditionally Farming’. They are committed to delivering the highest quality and pure products through sustainable, environment-friendly and humane animal husbandry. This has helped them make a place for themselves in the hearts (and carts) of customers from all over the United States. They’ve been featured by the likes of Joe Rogan, Bloomberg, BBC and Forbes for pioneering regenerative agriculture and pushing practices that make the consumption of meat more carbon-neutral.

The customer and their requirement:

Being a fully integrated perishable goods business that includes on-farm processing and direct-to-consumer delivery, White Oak Pastures has always had a website. The wishlist and back-in-stock functionality was an integral part of their website, considering that their inventory is seasonal and can be unpredictable.

“As we're vertically integrated, there's just a lot of ebb and flow to our inventory. Having a wishlist and a back-in-stock functionality is very important to our store, because if there's items that customers can't get very often, they want to know when it's in stock so that they can hurry up and purchase it before it sells out again.”

Kathryn Ruff
White Oak Pastures

But they found that the app they were using previously was inconsistent, where alerts would not get sent out or functionality would regularly fail. The support they received was also slow.

“We used another wishlist app previously and we would run into things where the back-end wasn't working properly. And then if we had a question or we needed support, it was very problematic because they were very slow to respond”

Kathryn Ruff
White Oak Pastures

Further, they were looking for an app that unified their customer experience across their website and mobile app which was built on Tapcart. 

The solution:

White Oak Pastures decided to switch over to Wishlist Plus because:

  • It would help them create a unified customer experience across devices:

 With their previous app, the wishlist experience remained segregated for the customers. Swym’s integration with Tapcart allowed them to sync their customers’ wishlists across the website and mobile app. 

  • They could rely on the functionality of the app:

While testing the app out during the Tapcart-Swym integration, they found Swym’s functionality to be consistent. They could count on the front-end elements to smoothly allow customers to wishlist, and the back-end functionality to trigger notifications based on inventory updates

  • They experienced proactive support:

Not only was help available when they needed it, but the dedicated success team at Swym made sure that they helped the White Oak Pastures team get more value from the app

"Another great thing that we've enjoyed about Swym is that your team has been very proactive about reaching out to us if there’s something that can be done to give us better results, like turning on a new functionality or optimizing one we’re already using."

Kathryn Ruff
White Oak Pastures
  • It came recommended by experts:

While they were building their mobile app, the Tapcart team recommended Swym’s Wishlist Plus. That added a layer of trust.

“When we learned about your product, and it came recommended to us through Tapcart, we were very pleased to have an option that seemed to be a good partnership and a good company that we could rely on and work with.”

Kathryn Ruff
White Oak Pastures

The impact

Compared to a regular website session, through Swym’s Wishlist Plus, White Oak Pasture received:

  • 4x conversions

  • 25% higher items per order

  • 10% higher AOV

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