Using Swym’s Wishlist+ to power your wishlist

As consumer shopping journeys continue to get more complex and increasingly span multiple devices/channels, it is imperative that you make it easy for shoppers to “Pick up where they left off” – and offering a wishlist feature that enables them to bookmark their favorites and access those at any time can go a long way in accomplishing that. Wishlists can prove to be an effective solution to decrease e-commerce abandonment rate – by allowing shoppers to save the items they are interested in, at one place. Not only do they help shoppers continue their journey later, they also give marketers great context to engage their shoppers in a personalized fashion.

What’s hard to fathom is that virtually every wishlist implementation out there requires the shopper to log-in/sign-in to be able to access/use the feature. This is presumably a legacy from the original e-commerce days when tying things to a user’s account was the simplest solution to portability across sessions. Well, that approach doesn’t really work – the inherent friction in the login barrier prompts most users to abandon their efforts right then. Rightfully, users expect to see value BEFORE you require them to take the effort of creating an account and signing in. Make it easy for them to shop with you – if you don’t, they’ll find other retailers that do. It is that simple for them.

The login barrier has always bothered us – and that’s why we did away with it entirely, and made that a core part of the Swym’s Wishlist+ offering. Users don’t need to register, or sign in – instead, they can simply do what’s intuitive when it comes to saving an item for later. Swym Wishlist+ is white-labeled and will seamlessly integrate with your website’s branding, and can help in amping-up that recommendation cycle. You can also easily customize your wishlist from the Swym Dashboard, by choosing the label, color, placement etc. And best of all, the feature is entirely free to add to your site. There is no reason not to enable it.

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To add a product to the Faves list, shoppers simply have to click on ‘Add to Faves’ on the product page. To view the items in their Faves list, they can:

  • Click on the notification pop-up that is triggered by clicking on ‘Add to Faves’ button, or,
  • From the Wishlist+ UI, simply click on the Faves tab

Swym Relay Wishlist feature

Shopping on your site can be greatly simplified for your shoppers by leveraging a wishlist – further, including the wishlist feature will help online retailers learn about their shopper’s online behavior and product interests, helping them create context-specific engagement campaigns. In one of our future posts, we’ll dive deeper on how you can leverage the context associated with a user’s wishlist to drive personalization and make it easy for them to buy from you. Check out Swym Relay now!

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