Tracking Wishlist actions for your Shopify store’s Facebook Pixel

Given that you are reading this post, I am going to assume that you are already leveraging Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your Shopify store. If you are not, you should certainly consider it – here is a great primer from the Shopify team that can get you started: “An Introduction to Facebook Ads for Ecommerce“)

And if you are using Facebook Ads for your store today, I also hope you are making use of the Facebook Pixel – the Pixel is a truly powerful artifact to ensure you get the most out of your marketing dollars on the Facebook platform, and it is really, really easy to enable on your site. So, if you aren’t already doing it, its something you most certainly want to. Here is another fantastic post from the wonderful folks at Shopify on the subject: The Beginner’s guide to the new Facebook Pixel

As is evident from that post, the Facebook pixel now includes support for Standard Events which allows you to track what actions users are taking on your store. Each standard event tracks an action your customers will do while visiting your store.The full list of Standard Events is included in the post, so I won’t repeat that here. Once you connect your Shopify store and your Facebook Pixel account, Facebook will automatically start tracking data for these six Standard Events: ViewContent (productviews), AddToCart, InitiateCheckout, AddPaymentInfo, Purchase and Search. For any of the other Standard Events that you want to track, you’ll need to add custom code via Additional Scripts as explained here.

If you have the Swym Wishlist Plus app for your Shopify store, that’s a great way to drive engagement with your shoppers since it gives them a really simple way to bookmark their favorite products, and save them for later. To make the most of that engagement via your Facebook retargeting campaigns, you will want your Facebook Pixel tracking those Wishlist actions such that you are able to personalize your retargeting campaigns that much more effectively. The Facebook pixel does include AddToWishlist as a Standard event, but requires some custom code to be able to track those events. If your store has the Wishlist Plus app installed, we’ve made it very simple for you to enable that tracking. Here is the code snippet you’ll need to add to your store:

(For instructions on how to add scripts to your store theme files, please refer to this post)

You are now ready to start tracking AddToWishlist actions on your store. We hope this was useful – if there is any additional information on the topic that you’d like to see us include in this post, please let us know via your comments.

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    Thanks for such a concise code snippet. A few suggestions on how to make it easier for people to use.

    1. For those who aren’t coders, you could mention which theme file it needs to go in
    2. For those who are coders, you could mention that evtData is already defined by the sym integration – that confused me for a little while and I had thought I needed to define it until I looked into the sym files

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