Swym’s Wishlist+ : Why you should care?

Conversion Rate is one of the most critical metrics you are going to be tracking closely if you are responsible for the performance of an e-commerce store. Like it or not, it represents the bottom line when it comes to the performance of a site. All the emphasis on this one metric has gradually led to an unfortunate oversimplification of the ideal approach employed by most e-commerce sites: Grow the volume of traffic to the site and do everything in one’s capacity to maximize conversions from that traffic – and more often than not, the focus has evolved to driving a conversion on every possible session. What is wrong with that, you ask? Well, nothing except that is not how shoppers are going to behave. They are simply not expecting to buy on every visit, especially not on the very first visit to your site. It really is a journey from the shopper’s perspective – and a journey that’s gotten increasingly complex with the ubiquitous nature of mobile phones these days and given the numerous channels that brands engage with shoppers on. After all, the typical conversion rates hover between 2-3% across the industry – and that means 97 out of every 100 users leave your site without making a purchase. Yet.

As important as it is to attract new users to your site, we believe its even more important to attract repeat visitors to your site. They are even more likely to convert than new users are given they are already familiar with your brand/products. The data certainly supports that – according to recent benchmarks, conversion rate jumps 97% between the first and second visits.

The easier you are making it for your repeat visitors to shop with you, the more successful you are going to be in driving conversions. Less friction translates to more purchases, that’s been proven over and over again. So the key question is what you are doing to simplify the experience for those return visits? That’s where Swym Relay comes in – An engagement platform that makes it easy for your shoppers to Pick up where they left off. Swym Relay’s Starter Edition feature – ‘Wishlist+‘ captures shopper activity as it happens, and makes that history available to them in an intuitive fashion, and giving them complete control of what they see there. Think of a shopping assistant and an intuitive wishlist feature that you can brand as you see fit and significantly improve the convenience-factor on your site. If you’d like to try it out yourself, feel free to play with it on our demo site and watch the My Faves module capture your history as you go. Of course, you can position and brand it as you see fit on your site, the demo site is for illustration purposes only.

We’ve seen a significant increase in conversion rates (an increase of ~4x) as well as higher Average Order Values (25-30% higher) for Swym Relay sessions compared to the site average. And the Swym Relay Starter Edition app includes a compelling set of features, and is FREE, forever. It really is a no-brainer. Interested in deploying Relay on your site? We’ve made it super easy to integrate into your store:

Swym Relay Magento Extension




Is your site running on a different e-commerce platform? No sweat, sign up here and we’ll send you a simple JS code-snippet that you can add to your site via your Tag Management tools (like Google Tag Manager) and be live in minutes with Swym Relay.


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