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“Encouraging the importance of consuming products in a responsible way”

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The e-commerce industry continues to grow rapidly, but you’d come across few retailers who have ‘social responsibility’ as one of their business goals. In this edition of Shopify customer stories, we’re glad to feature Amiki Knits, zealous advocates of sustainable products and knitwear. This knits and wools store highlights the benefits of their thoughtfully sourced products via beautiful product photographs and detailed product descriptions, along with knitting instructions. Their idea of building a community of followers and, educating them about the importance of using products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits is a very thoughtful approach to building sustainable engagement with their audience.

An Interview with Gemma Steele : Founder Amiki Knits

 Tell us about your business – your mission and what made you start this e-commerce website?

Over the years, I have come across some super cool companies and have decided to get involved with them and help promote them in Australia. Most of the products I stock come from companies that concentrate on sustainability, environment impacts and social contributions.

In this world of mass production and cheap fast fashion, I want to work on encouraging people to think about where their purchases come from and what the real costs are. I hope to get more people interested in using thoughtfully sourced products, making their own items, buying and creating handmade knitwear and fashion products.

Which channels are bringing most traffic to your store? Which channels do you wish to use to reach more customers this year?

Most of my traffic actually comes from being listed as a stockist on other companies’ websites, this has been invaluable. Instagram would be the next biggest referrer.

Going forward I intend to spend more time on social media, especially familiarising myself with Twitter and Pinterest Also delving further into knitwear and crochet speciality sites such as Ravelry.

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What made you choose Shopify for Amiki Knits? How is it helping you accomplish your business goals?

I had used another site’s website as a customer and really enjoyed the experience. Once I started using it for Amiki, I was very pleased with the decision. Shopify has not let me down once. Incredibly helpful, easy to use and send constant advise – that is all very useful for a first time small business owner. The app store and support have also been key to my success using Shopify.

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What is it that Amiki Knits (as a business) wants to accomplish in 2017?

Getting Amiki Knits name out there is the goal for this year. Attending markets and hosting more knit and crochet parties will be a big part of that process. Also, getting involved with charities here and overseas is something we have on our cards.

What tools, apps, key metrics do you track and use to understand your business’ health? What apps do you use to help you with your backend?

At the moment, the apps that I use are Wishlist+, Infinite Options, Mail Chimp and Product Reviews, all of which are very helpful. I lightly touched on Google Analytics and intend to become more invested in it as my business grows.

We love sharing more information about e-commerce best practices that we come across, with our customers. Would you have any cool trick or best practice that you recommend?

For me, Amiki Knits is all about customer awareness and participation. Encouraging the importance of consuming in a responsible way. Contributing to the creative community and exposing people to a new world they just might fall in love with.

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