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“Nurture your relationship with your customers, they will love you and keep coming back”

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I know we say this often, but we only do it because its true – our customers are our biggest asset at Swym. And its incredibly fulfilling when we meet inspiring store owners during our Shopify Customer Showcase interviews. Each of them is working hard to make a positive impact, subscribing to the same philosophy that we do – the power of nurturing and engaging with customers. With Rollick it is no different, they believe in creating value for the customer, and have a razor-sharp focus on creating an engaging customer experience. Their elegantly-constructed  website is clean, easy-to-navigate, and free of any unnecessary frills or distractions! Another very noticeable positive is that their product collection is well-thought-out, with clear messaging tailored to the audience and fashion genre they are targeting –  casual and cool. We love the product photographs and product descriptions that capture the quirky and very relatable side of the brand. Here are some inspiring insights and nuggets of wisdom from the pragmatic store owner.

“At Rollick, we believe that your differences make you awesome, and that your clothes should fit into ALL parts of your real, rad life. Fashion should be for everyone, not just the “it” girls. No matter who you are, it’s our mission to make you feel like your most fabulously badass self :).”

An Interview with Kelly Jensen – Founder, Rollick

Tell us about your business – your mission and what made you start this e-commerce website?

After almost 10 years in the apparel industry, I finally realized that I didn’t totally fit into the mold that “fashion” has dictated. While I love the creativity and confidence that personal style can foster. I always felt insecure and was looked down upon by others in the industry, and that I just wasn’t quite “cool” enough to be there. As I started to think about other amazing women I know, I realized that a lot of them probably felt the same.

So many retailers use their channels to promote an aspirational lifestyle or an “I’m-too-good-for-you” attitude, but I couldn’t think of a ton that really met me where I was, or appreciated that we’re all a little weird (and how AWESOME that is!).

I started Rollick because I wanted to not only provide a source of relatable and easy-to-wear fashion but to also show that our quirks and flaws are all so vital to who we are as people.

Which channels are bringing the most traffic to your Shopify store? Which channels do you wish to use to reach more customers this year?

Facebook advertising has been a great source for new traffic this last 6 months (though it’s taken a LOT of testing and tweaking to finally start getting the hang of it).

Instagram is also great for discovery and drives pretty decent traffic for us, but with all the algorithm changes, it’s been hard to find consistent success there.

Email marketing has definitely been our best marketing channel for conversion and for really connecting to our best customers, and is an area we’re really focusing on this year.

We’re also putting a ton of energy into gaining traction with Pinterest. I know our dream customers are on there in droves, it’s just a matter of putting out great content and getting them to find us!


What made you choose Shopify for Rollick? How is it helping you accomplish your business goals?

I did a lot of research before choosing a platform, and the major consensus was that Shopify is the best, and I definitely agree! It has been so incredible to work with (as someone who doesn’t know a line of code) and the customization options are just awesome.

Not only that, but the huge amount of apps that can be added to your store really make the possibilities endless! I have had so much fun playing around with different tools to see what my customers like, and I’m really proud of how the site has evolved over the last 1.5 years since we launched.

Shopify allows me to NOT think about the IT and technical aspects of my business and to, instead focus on how I can keep growing and improving my customer’s experience.

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What is it that Rollick (as a business) want to accomplish in 2017?


One of the first things high on our priority list is to introduce a plus size offering. Inclusivity is SO important to us, and I feel we’re at a point now where we can finally expand our inventory to include far more women.

Our biggest goal for the year is just getting the word out about Rollick, whether that be through social media, advertising, or the favorite form – word of mouth. We have a great rate of customers returning to shop with us, so now we just need to keep on bringing them in!

The longer-term goal is to be able to open a bricks-and-mortar location in the Seattle area sometime in the future. We’ve done a number of pop-ups, and getting that connection with the customer is one of my favorite parts of the business. My hope is that we can open a space that gives the customer a totally unique and FUN experience when shopping and to grow into something that all women want to be a part of.

What tools, apps, key metrics do you track and use to understand your business’ health? What apps do you use to help you with your backend?

I use Shopify’s reporting to track traffic, conversion rate, and sales growth on an almost-daily basis. I also love using Google Analytics to dive a little deeper, along with analyzing the Facebook Pixel where I can really get into the demographics and interests of my customers. The data is addicting!

I have so many apps that I love! My most recent addition which is super helpful is Filter Menu by Power Tools. It allows my customers to filter by size/color/price/etc., which is a major missing piece to Shopify’s existing platform. I also love Loox for collecting visual reviews (very important for building consumers’ trust). Showcase for creating a fun and shoppable page featuring our Instagram account, and Privy for creating really customized pop-ups. We also recently installed Wishlist Plus and I’m loving it so far, as do our customers! It’s a great way for people to create lists that they can share, or to save things to come back to if they’re not quite ready to add it to their cart yet.

We love sharing more information about e-commerce best practices that we come across, with our customers. Would you have any cool trick or best practice that you recommend?

From a tactical perspective: Asana has become my best friend this year. It’s a project and task management app that has made me about 1000 times more productive with the free time I have. Set your big goals for the year and for the quarter, break those goals into individual projects, and figure out every task it’s going to take you to complete those projects. You can then divide out those tasks into days of the week, and have every single day planned out for you. GENIUS.

From a more frou-frou perspective: treat your customers how you would want to be treated. If there’s an issue…fix it, no questions asked. Don’t oversell to them. Nurture your relationship with them and they will love you and keep coming back (oh, and they’ll tell their friends, too 😉 ). As a small business, every single customer that I have might as well be my best friend. I cherish them so much for giving us their trust (and hard-earned money) and the best thing I can do is give them an experience that meets, or hopefully exceeds, their expectations!

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