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Shoppers these days are becoming far more conscious about the purchase they make, and the impact they can create with the purchase. They know that every dollar counts, every bit makes a difference!  And they are mindful about where the product has come from, what is the story behind the scenes? Is it creating an impact? Is there positive intent? These stories of intent cannot be manufactured – they are to be discovered, formed, molded – just like a piece of beautiful jewelry. Featuring Andrea Kelly Designs, who create truly beautiful jewelry perfect for women who like to dress with intent. Every item of jewelry in their store has a story, and an impact behind it.Their Mala Kit collections, for instance,  give creative jewelry lovers the perfect opportunity to create their own piece of timeless beauty, complete with full instructions on how to create your own mala. It is not surprising at all to see their collections being featured for their delicately designed jewelry, in some of the top fashion magazines – Vogue, Celebrity Page, Bones, HalfStack Magazine and more. Don’t miss out on some valuable nuggets of information on customer experience and eCommerce best practices in this next edition of the Swym Customer Showcase. Here’s what the lovely Andrea has to say about her business:

“Inspired by a love of yoga, travel and exotic beaches, Andrea Kelly Designs creates jewelry with a story to tell.  Travel vicariously around the world with vivid jewel tones, meaningful symbols, and fair-trade finds.  Our motto: Wear what you love and the rest will follow.”

An Interview with Andrea Kelly – Owner / Designer, Andrea Kelly Designs

Tell us about your business – your mission and what made you start this e-commerce website?

I started my jewelry design business in 2008 while being a stay at home mom. Prior to having children, I loved to travel, learn about other cultures and always collected jewelry as a reminder of my journeys. After having children I felt isolated and that my connections to others had really changed. Making jewelry started as a creative outlet but along the way, I realized it was much more than that.  My business has allowed me to make connections with like-minded business owners from around the world, in many cases with women in business and purchasing through Fair Trade practices. I created a business that I was able to grow as my family grew, allowed me to stay vital and creative while also still being home with my children.

Which channels are bringing the most traffic to your Shopify store? Which channels do you wish to use to reach more customers this year?

Social Media by far brings in the most traffic.  Facebook is the best way to connect with the demographic specific to my Shopify store and advertising allows me to expand my reach.  Consistently focusing on growing my newsletter subscribers and keeping in touch through weekly emails is also top of my list for traffic. Instagram is a platform I have been focused on growing, and a top priority for me this year.  Shopify just launched the ability to tag products on Instagram with a direct link to purchase in-store which is an exciting feature that I wish to explore.


What made you choose Shopify for Andrea Kelly Designs? How is it helping you accomplish your business goals?

I just recently moved to Shopify at the beginning of 2018.  I was previously with Big Commerce and prior to that Volusion.  I choose Shopify due to their app development.  By far they have more apps to customize a store that really allow a shop owner to add features both behind the scenes and customer-facing thus, help increase sales.  So far, I’ve been beyond happy with Shopify and while I have most aspects of my site complete I love looking through the app shopping place to see what is new, what might work better and what can help me offer a better customer experience.

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What is it that Andrea Kelly Designs (as a business) want to accomplish in 2018?

Online growth is my biggest goal for 2018.  In April I celebrate 10 years in business which is a real milestone.  I would like to move the majority of my sales online however, I still sell more at in-person events than through my site.  My next big undertaking for this year will be using Amazon fulfillment to store and ship my products, a way to free me up from order fulfillment while offering a best in class shipping experience.

What tools, apps, key metrics do you track and use to understand your business’ health? What apps do you use to help you with your backend?

On the backend of my store, I use Google Analytics to track traffic but also find Shopify has some good built-in reporting that is easy to access even from my phone.  KIT is amazing for posting products, quick emails, and advertising.  I’ve used Mail Chimp for years for weekly emails and also have built several auto respond sequences within it.  BOLD’s Product Upsell and Product Bundles are both great apps that I have just scratched the surface using but have already seen the benefits of.  Swym has been great and allows customers to create wish lists which my customers use often and also gives me additional analytic data.  Seeing what products are added to a person’s wish list gives data on what products are catching customer’s attention. I track traffic to my site, conversion rate, abandoned carts, time on site and all social media platforms.

We love sharing more information about e-commerce best practices that we come across, with our customers. Would you have any cool trick or best practice that you recommend?

Test, test, and test!  I split test everything from email campaigns, site layout, photos used on site, calls to action and most of all advertising.  For advertising, I use different apps to advertise in the same place – for example with Facebook ads I run / test through Facebook Business Manager, Mail Chimp & Kit.  Not only can you see which is the most profitable but each platform gives a slightly different look at your customer.  Knowing who your buying customers are and how to reach them is key.

Auto-respond sequences are not only time savers but have huge conversion rates for me.  Any email going to a customer, including order updates and shipping notifications are touch points you can use to inform your customer about your brand and make it a more personal experience.  Talk to them as a friend, not as the masses. One of my favorite hacks is the click map in Mail Chimp.  This gives you campaign by campaign information on where in your email was clicked which gives a clear idea of what your customers are responding to.

Customer service is key. Sending a handwritten note with amazing packaging, ensuring customers have clear updates on their order status and making returns an easy experience are all ways to stand out with your customer. Also, if you optimize by using every touch point that you have with the customer – to ensure their experience is best in class, will result in return-visits and return-sales.  There is a lot of eCommerce out there and building brand loyalty comes from offering not only an amazing product but also a fabulous customer experience!

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