Showcasing some best-in-class Mobile E-commerce experiences that we love

It is no secret that we are in a mobile-dominant era. In the last year, its very likely that you saw mobile either surpass (or come close to surpassing) your desktop traffic. In fact, based on data from thousands of e-commerce sites on the Swym platform, we consistently see that 7 out of every 10 sessions are now happening on a mobile device. Traditionally, the conversion rates on Mobile had significantly lagged that of the Desktop (or tablet, for that matter) but that gap is starting to narrow now. The most recent Black Friday event, for instance, saw close to 40% of sales coming from mobile devices. Consumers are sending a very clear message, and we see that retailers and brands are starting to take notice.

Thankfully, most ecommerce sites today are responsive and mobile-friendly, but the experience continues to evolve. We thought it would be an interesting exercise to catalog some of the best mobile experiences out there, and the result is what you see in this post. Note that while the smaller screen size, touch keypad, swipe controls etc are key considerations while designing an optimal mobile experience, we didn’t limit our analysis to just the user interface. Mobile interactions are much more task-oriented where the shopper is typically focused on finishing the activity they are on and moving on, and therefore, the ideal mobile experience is one that enables the user to accomplish that objective with minimal friction. Our analysis of these e-commerce sites was done with that broader perspective in mind. We hope you enjoy browsing through these as much as we enjoyed putting this awesome list together


Platform: Demandware

Great use of:

  • Prominent list of product categories as thumbnails on the homepage – clearly stating of their product offering
  • Use of different brand colors for different CTAs  emphasizing on the primary actions thus promoting a forward moving shopping journey
  • A very compact yet comprehensive layout for the Product Details page that enables a clutter-free experience
  • Prominent placement of Wishlist buttons and ‘Notify me when available’ CTAs to drive re-engagement

Would love to see:

  • The ability for guest shopper to add to wishlist. Forcing login to just create a wishlist adds needless friction, esp on Mobile.
  • Ability to apply filters on the collection page depending on product variant such as color, type etc. Given the nature of shopping, having just the sorting mechanism does not help in finding products faster
  • Easy-to-discover Store Locator feature to help locate the stores near me. This could be even more powerful if it was integrated at the product level based on inventory (Find stores near me that stock this product)


Platform: Custom

Great use of :

  • Images! They have really nailed it and thought it through. Keeping the icons/button smaller in size is a great idea to hero images as well
  • Color swatches instead of variant selectors (dropdown) makes selection more visual, more real
  • Having an add to wishlist button and the ability for guest users – a great feature to drive product page engagement

Would love to see:

  • The font color used for the product details section could be a tad darker – making it easier to read while browsing under bad/low lighting.
  • The shipping/Warranty information to show-up right after the Add to Cart button. An information like that should be made more accessible.
  • The checkout process just seems too long with 5 steps. Perhaps, combining the Shipping Method and Shipping address section into one section would help


Platform: Shopify

Great use of:

  • Minimalism. Use of product description, from the site navigation to number of sections on the product details page – everything is simple and suitable for the brand/product-line
  • Shipping estimator before you are directed to the checkout page. Gold, and full points
  • Use of payment wallets such as Amazon Pay and PayPal – payments making the cart page quick and easy to complete

Would love to see:

  • Easy-to-use product-image slider without having to open the image container
  • The product description content can be a tad more detailed, more interesting perhaps
  • Better product images. User-generated photos of their products on product page – would make the product page more engaging


Platform : Custom

Great use of:

  • The product details page is contained – does not need more than 3 scrolls. Keeping the content drawers closed on visit to page, and use of sticky button bars (Add to Cart button) – helps a great deal in reducing downward scroll.
  • The ‘Send it as a Gift’ is a great value add -acting like a Wishlist and a Gift Registry
  • Placing the ‘contact support’ in the Cart page goes a long way in reducing cart abandonment

Would love to see:

  • The ‘Send it as a Gift’ need not be dependent on site login
  • Placing the ‘You might also like’ section within the Cart page can deter the shopper’s attention from completing that purchase
  • The ‘Sign in’ button is hidden within the navigation menu on mobile. Login to the site/ Create an account button can be placed in the header menu in the top right corner, next to the cart

The 5th

Platform : WordPress

Great use of:

  • Beautiful product images – clearly heroing the product. Adding videos and the Instagram feed ‘#The5thFam’ to the product details pages – is a bonus
  • Countdown-timer on the Cart page to increase purchase urgency
  • Send a Hint feature – again a clever way to help shoppers share products they like or recommend with friends and family

Would love to see

  • A major miss is that – the ‘Cart’ count does not update on mobile. It updates on the desktop when I add a product to my cart, but does not on Mobile with the cart button placed on the sticky bottom bar
  • Reviews on the product details page to help shoppers make a purchase decision,  from other customers on the product details page
  • A way to allow shoppers to subscribe for email alerts when a product that is out of stock is back in stock. An ‘Email me when available’ button will certainly help bring those customers back to the site and perhaps even make the purchase
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