Wishlist+ Frequently Asked Questions


How can I verify that my Wishlist+ module is installed correctly?

Once the Wishlist+ app is installed from the Shopify app store, you will get redirected to the Swym Dashboard so you can finish setting up the module for your site. This is where you specify all the configuration options for your Wishlist+ and publish those settings to enable the module. Once it is published, you can check the following items to verify that the module is configured successfully:

  1. The launch button for the Wishlist button should be visible on your site at the specified position, unless you chose a Custom option for the button.
  2. Clicking on the launch button should launch the Wishlist+ UI module
  3. You should see a red “heart” button (that serves as the Add to Wishlist button) on  your Product pages
  4. Clicking on the red “heart” button on a product should add that product to your wishlist – you should see a notification alert that shows up on the site confirming that the product has been added. You can also launch the Wishlist+ UI to verify that the item now shows up on your wishlist

If you see any issues with any of the above items, please email us about the issue you are seeing so we can investigate and resolve as soon as possible.

How is Swym Relay different from the Wishlist feature that I already have on my e-commerce website?

There are significant differentiators that Swym Wishlist+ provides as an engagement module on your site:

  1. Unlike most other Wishlist solutions, Swym Wishlist+ does not require the user to be logged in to be able to use the feature. We believe the login barrier is a significant one and that its important to make it very easy for users to add products to their collections without being signed on, especially when they are on a mobile device.
  2. Swym Wishlist+ works across devices – your shoppers can access their Wishlit+ contents via your website on any of their devices and have access to their shopping history.
  3. Swym Wishlist+ isn’t limited to just a Wishlist – it helps gather the user’s entire shopping history on your site (browse history, products added to cart etc.) and organizes them in an intuitive fashion for the shopper to be able to easily access them later on
  4. The Swym Dashboard helps provide deep insights into your site engagement from a Products perspective and helps complement the insights that you get from your existing analytics tools like Google Analytics.
What configuration options are available to me for Swym Wishlist+?

We’ve made a concerted effort to minimize the number of steps an admin needs to perform to get Swym Wishlist+ enabled on their site. Once the app is installed, you simply provide the following information to take the module live:

  1. A label for your Wishlist – you’ll want to choose a label that users will identify with your branding. Creating a cool and hip experience around your “wishlist” can help drive much better engagement over time, so please choose your branding accordingly
  2. Skin color for the Wishlist+ UI module – you could either choose the color picker we provide, or directly specify the HEX code for your desired color.
  3.  Default site currency
  4. Position for the Swym Wishlist+ anchor button: This is a floating button that can be positioned in one of four predefined locations on your site (mid-right, mid-left, bottom-right, bottom-left). Alternatively, you could choose to add a custom anchor to your site instead of these pre-defined positions, or use your site menu to add a menu item and link it to the Wishlist+ module on your site (This blog post covers the menu option in more detail)

Once you provide these, simply click on Publish to take the module live on your site – that’s it!

How do I install Swym Wishlist+ on my Shopify site?

The Swym Wishlist+ app is available for download via the Shopify App store. Simply click on the Get button on the page, provide your store information and the app will then install on your site. Once the install is complete, you’ll be redirected to your Swym Dashboard page to configure the module for your site.

Do I need to know how to code to install Swym Wishlist+? How long does installation take?

You do not need to know how to code. The Shopify Wishlist+ app is a one-click installation that only takes a couple of minutes to add to your site.

Does Swym Wishlist+ have any pre-requisites for installation?

Swym Wishlist+ is supported on all Shopify tiers. However, we require that you use a custom domain for your store – we are not currently supported on myshopify.com domain stores.

Is Swym Wishlist+ a free app?

The Swym Wishlist+ app has a Starter Edition that is FREE, and always will be. We are also in the process of rolling out a Pro Edition with an even more compelling set of features that will be a paid app.

Why do I need a wishlist for my ecommerce site?

Wishlists allow shoppers to maintain curated collections of products that they are interested in but aren’t necessarily looking to purchase right away. Its important to recognize that shoppers might go through a long consideration phase before they ultimately decide to make a purchase, and having this curated list handy while they are in their consideration phase can be very helpful. They also serve as useful reminders when shoppers might have gotten distracted and forgotten to finish the purchase journey that they started on. Having a simple-to-use wishlist is critical to driving sustainable engagement with your shoppers.

From the e-commerce site’s perspective, wishlists also arm the marketer with powerful signals that reflect shoppers’ purchase intent and can be used to effectively target those users with relevant content, promotions etc. Also, from an ecommerce site buyer’s perspective, wishlists can also help provide insights on demand for various products and influence their purchasing decisions for the business.

What is Swym Wishlist+?

Swym Wishlist+ is a Shopify wishlist app you can install on your site to provide your shoppers with a personalized shopping assistant module that organizes their shopping history for them – Recent browsing history, Wishlist and items they’ve added to their cart. The goal for Wishlist+ is to make it easy for shoppers to Pick up where they left off. As opposed to traditional Wishlists, Swym Wishlist+ doesn’t require users to be logged in for them to use the module.

Also, Wishlist+ is inherently cross-device and will allow your shoppers to access their wishlist contents on any of their devices while visiting your site.