The Swym Product Update – March 2018

Here’s the latest Swym Product update, bringing you an overview of the latest capabilities we’ve added to our platform. This was a huge milestone for us as we integrated Shopify’s much talked about Polaris framework into our merchant experience. When you check out the Swym Dashboard (your Shopify Admin Console -> Apps -> Swym Apps), you’ll now see a new and improved version, one that’s seamlessly integrated into the Shopify Admin experience. 

We believe you’ll really like the familiarity of the interface, and we’d really, really like your feedback – please try it out and let us know? With this solid foundation in place, we will now also be able to much more rapidly roll out more of the Swym platform goodness into the Dashboard and drive value for you – stay tuned for some exciting capabilities coming in the Spring. Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek at our new Dashboard:
But that’s not all (I did say it was a huge milestone!).  On our Wishlist Plus app, your customers can now create lists/categories of items inside their Wishlist. If you were looking for ways to help your shoppers organize their favorites, this is a very powerful feature that you should take advantage of. If you remember the “Share your Wishlists” feature we rolled out earlier this year, the new Collections of Wishlists feature works well with that by allowing users to share just a selected set of items with a specific audience on any medium. Think of all the engaging re-marketing campaigns you can run by leveraging the rich data from these user collections – very exciting! Of course, as with all our features, we’ve added support for this capability via our API as well. If you have custom scenarios you’d like to power using this feature, we’d love to help you do that – just drop us a line and let us know. Here’s a quick screen grab of this new and exciting feature:
The Swym In Stock Alerts app had its share of updates as well. In addition to the “Notify me” button options that pop-up a form, you now also have the option of adding an inline form right on the product page that will automatically show up on your Out of Stock product pages. We’ve also added an intuitive Editor to our Dashboard for the subscription form and the Email templates, so you’ll now have direct control over what your messaging looks like. While a lot of these features are only available on our premium plans, we did add some goodness to our FREE plan as well. You can now trigger email right from our Dashboard when you restock products – and users that have signed up for alerts on that product will automatically get notified. Its something a lot of you asked for, so we are happy to finally bring that capability live.
Swym in the news:
We continue to get fantastic recognition from the Shopify community for the quality of our apps. I thought I’d share a couple of the most recent mentions in this context, where Swym was recognized and placed in really good company.
We most certainly cannot do what we do without your valuable support, so we are very appreciative of that support. If you have any feedback or feature asks, we’d love to hear it, so please let us know.
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