Pinterest, Retail and Swym

When Pinterest started in the Spring of 2010, I begged a friend to send me an invite., only coz I found the name interesting and well, I love trying all new things on the web.

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True to its hype and talk, Pinterest blows one away as soon as you sign in. With neat tiles exploding with colorful extravaganza this was a visual smorgasbord. I gasped and went digging through it happily. Pinning was becoming an obsession. I stayed late into the night, scouring sites, new ones, offbeat ones to find stuff to pin. My boards were getting heavier and well, very pretty. I was beginning to fall in love with the page. It got to the point that Pinterest was the topic of conversation at bus stops, on metros, at the parent-teacher luncheons, on soccer fields and even at the dinner table! I’d stare at it every now and then, and when the Pinterest app came out, I went a little crazy going trigger happy on all things I saw in the world around me (not that I needed a reason!)

To think that Silbermann and his colleagues operated for a good couple of years out of an apartment , with more than 10,000 users, before they decided to get office space is even more awe-inspiring. They continued to grow with tremendous speeds and in January 2012 Comscore reported them as the fastest growing company to break the 10 million unique users!

The users are pre-dominantly female but over the past year, there has been an increase in males flocking to the site, and more so Photographers, Retailers, Fashion designers and now journalists.  The site’s visual appeal is one its biggest pulls. A 1000 word article will take some effort to wade through (if it isn’t something you are heavily interested in) but throw in a nice picture and suddenly, a click happens. There is interest generated and traffic flows.

generating traffic to a site or blog is one of the site owner’s biggest challenges. There really is no point to having great content when it isn;t seen by others and shared and utilized the way it is meant to. Pinterest guarantees traffic to an extent, it’s the power of color and visual and the seemingly seamless way that a link is shared and pinned and that can stay pinned (and that’s a live link) to be shared again and again.

Retailers have also flocked to the site.

It is simple. You take your wares to where your customers are. Apart from fashion (Gilly Hicks) and beauty,(Sephora) there is home goods(Lowe’s) and DIY & Crafts (Jo-ann)and electronics (Best Buy) to name a few.

..and the flocking is tremendous! There is data out there, on the conversion rates that Pinterest helps create among consumers, but the value that a pin brings to a site’s traffic and the spending power of such consumers is high.

This infographic gives an idea of the kind of the impact of Pinterest among retailers.

The belief that a product is more likely to be purchased if a friend or an online acquaintance recommends it to you than a 3rd person marketer. Pinterest is poised confidently to be a strong and influential social network right behind Facebook and Twitter.

The spread of a single product (of any kind) or and idea via a block of color and imaging is viral. Which is what anyone who owns a product or idea really wants. For it to spread quick and to able to see the transaction through.

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