Maximizing engagement for your Wishlist

Its a known fact that not all shoppers shop the same way. The way shoppers use and interact with your website, even with features that could be considered fairly standard, can vary quite a bit as well. To truly maximize website engagement therefore, it is essential that any updates or feature additions to your website be clearly explained. The same is true of the wishlist feature that you can enable via Swym Wishlist+ as well. Adding a wishlist feature to your ecommerce site is a must-do, but popularizing that capability and making it easy and intuitive to use can significantly enhance its value.

There are 3 key reasons why shoppers abandon (or do not use) a website feature:

  1. They find the login/sign-up process cumbersome or irrelevant
  2. They do not know how to use it
  3. They do not know what it does. There is no value suggested toward using the feature


Swym’s Wishlist+ addresses the 1st problem, by letting shoppers capture their shopping history across devices, without having to log-in or sign-up. Here are some simple ways you could subtly educate shoppers and encourage engagement with the new addition to your website:

Off Website:

– Via Social Media

– Via e-mail

On website: 

-Via exit offer pop-ups

-Via welcome messages

We will publish a series of posts to deep dive into each of those tactics, but let’s start with some tips and ideas to spark shopper’s interest and encourage engagement via social media using images, .GIFs, collages etc to educate and reach shoppers regardless of the location they are from.

– Be Visual: Line up a series of images/screenshots that showcase ‘how-to’ and ‘ why’ should your shoppers use a wishlist feature or a collage of images into one post

– Use contests and giveaways: With the holiday season in the offing, holding a ‘secret santa’ contest to encourage shoppers to use and share screen-grabs of their ‘wishlist’, can be a great strategy to boost website and feature engagement

– Repurpose your content:  Make certain that you use images and content differently depending on the social media platform and the demographic it serves. For example, a collage would work perfectly for Pinterest, but a series of images could work better on Facebook or Twitter

Create sample wishlists of some of your best-selling products – and by making sure that they are visually pleasing, you can make it easy for your users to share it with their social circle. We want to do our bit at Swym to help as well – Tag us @swymit with the wishlist posts you created, and we’d love to add those to a featured collection we are putting together as a showcase

Download the Swym Wishlist+ Shopify app here and enable a powerful Wishlist on your Shopify site

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