In Stock Alerts – Getting Started

At Swym, we believe in helping you create seamless online shopping experiences by maximizing your Shopify store’s user engagement. A pinning problem that we see is the lack of relevant interaction points that can bring shoppers back to your website. Swym’s In Stock Alerts app for Shopify stores is yet another powerful capability to add to your user engagement toolbox that helps create these highly engaging interactions between your shopper and you. In our previous post, we talked more about this – What is Swym In Stock Alerts and why should you care?

This post talks about how to get started with the In Stock Alerts app, considering you have it installed and have picked a plan suitable for your Shopify store.

To start configuring, simply go to the ‘Dashboard’ by clicking on ‘In Stock Alerts’ on the ‘Apps’ page from your Shopify admin console. You will be directed to the Swym Dashboard where you can configure the app to start sending relevant product alerts.

Configuring the In Stock Alerts app is a simple, four-step process:

  1. Let’s start by customizing the ‘Email me when available’ button by configuring the color, name, and the position. The default is set to a sticky vertical launch button that scrolls with the page. You can also have it appear near the ‘Add to Cart’ button on your product pages
  2. Configuring your email sender settings.  You can let Swym send emails on your behalf for the FREE or Starter plans, or configure the app to use your preferred Email Service Provider for the Pro and Premium plans
    • Click on the ‘Confirm’ button in the validation email sent to the specified sender email address
  3. Check the emails that will be sent to your shoppers by us when a product that they have subscribed to comes back on stock
    • View a sample email template and see how it renders. This email is from our test site and hence it will show the product from our test site.
    • Send a test email and check how the email renders. The test email would be sent to your Shopify store’s admin email address. With the Pro and Premium plans, you can customize your email templates based on your preferences
  4. Hit ‘Save and Publish’ to save settings and there – your Shopify store is now ready to start sending alerts to your shoppers automatically once they start subscribing

Testing your In Stock Alert emails – by subscribing for back in stock alerts from your Shopify store

To test the In Stock Alerts app on your Shopify store, you will need to replenish stock for one or more products. We suggest using test product(s), that you can delete right after you test the app and not disturb the current inventory or pricing setup.

    • Ensure that the product has the ‘Quantity’ set to ‘0’ in the ‘Inventory’ section
    • From the product details page, click on the “Watch this” button and provide the email address to receive the back in stock alert
    • Now from the Shopify store’s admin console, increase the ‘Quantity’ for that Product and ‘Save’ settings
    • You should receive a back in stock alert at the email address you had provided


Don’t forget to check the ‘Metrics’ from the Dashboard. The dashboard pulls together some smart insights about your Shopify website’s overall engagement as well as specific metrics for your In Stock Alerts app, and you can use this data to further hone your online marketing strategies.

The cool thing about ‘In Stock Alerts’ app is that you can not only send relevant emails to your shoppers, but also get visibility into which of your products are the most popular (based on the number of users that are subscribing to alerts for them), what kind of alerts are generating the highest engagement, and who your most active users are. Sending price drop, back in stock and other product alerts can be an effective tool in your marketing armory, especially when you are looking to drive seasonal/holiday demand in a cost-effective fashion.

You can download the ‘In Stock Alerts’ app, by clicking here. As with all our products, In Stock Alerts includes a FREE TRIAL for 14 days, so please try it out and let us know what you think.


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