In Stock Alerts Frequently Asked Questions


What are the different rendering mechanisms of the In Stock Alerts ?

We support 2 different ways in which shoppers can subscribe to alerts for items that are out of stock.

  • A “Notify me when available” button on the product page which opens the subscription dialog
  • Subscription control embedded directly in the product page.

Please contact us if you want to enable either one on your store.

Is there a way I can expose the recently back in stock items on my store?

Yes. As part of our Pro plan and above, we support the capability of showing the items that came recently back in stock of your store as a widget either on your home page. Similar to the featured collections that you are likely promoting across your site, think of the Recently Back In Stock widget as yet another collection that’s dynamically populated based on the items that are recently back in stock.

Can I re-target users who have subscribed to out of stock items?

We support tracking “Add to watchlist” event as part of the Facebook pixel when a shopper subscribes to an out of stock item. You can then use Facebook retargeting channel and create a targeted ad for shoppers who have subscribed for items that were out of stock.

We support FB pixel support as part of our Premium features available from our Pro and above plans.


Can you add subscribers to my marketing list?

When shoppers subscribe to be alerted when an item comes back in stock, we can configure the In Stock alert subscribe dialog to ask shoppers to be added to mailing lists as well. If you use MailChimp for your marketing campaigns, we can add those subscribers, who have opted to be added to the mailing list, automatically to the list.  We will need your Mailchimp API key and the list ID to add the subscribers. This feature is available only from our Premium plans and above.

Do you support non-English locales?

Yes we do support the localization of strings within the app in all languages. However, this support is part of our paid plans.

Note: If you have a language picker that allows to switch between languages, we will not be able to detect that and hence we will stick to showing the strings within our UI in only the primary language.

Once the product gets restocked, does the In Stock Alerts app automatically send mails?

If your store is on a paid plan – In Stock Alerts automatically sends email alerts to subscribers once the product gets restocked. For stores on a Free plan, you have the option of manually triggering a notification email when you restock a product and the app will notify those customers that have subscribed for an alert on that product. Alternatively, you can also download this list of users for a given product on the Free plan, and export it into a mail list. You could then send them personalized email in the format that you would like, if you’d prefer that approach.

Can the outgoing emails be customized?

Yes, we can customize the email templates for customers on a paid plan.

  • Starter and Pro plans gets basic customization like uploading the logo, configuring the From name, From email address and using our email editor to change some content or match the font styles and colors as per your store’s branding
  • Higher plans  – We can do full HTML customization and a mock-up of the email template that you require would be really helpful to process your request faster. Please contact our support team to get this customization done.
Does this app work when variants are sold out, or just the entire product?

Yes, In Stock Alerts works on variant selection. Ideally, the variant of the product should be selected (the URL should reflect the change in the variant – with the variant number appearing); the stock of that product should be 0 – and thus, the In Stock Alerts button would appear so shoppers can subscribe for alerts. Once the product, of this variant is in stock (stock updated to 1), and your store is on a paid plan the subscribers will be alerted of the product being back in stock via email.

I have a paid plan, and I have updated the inventory level but I haven’t received an email alerts on my test email address?

Our code listens to Shopify’s code to update us on any change in the inventory levels. Please make sure that the Inventory policy set for the product on Shopify admin console is set to ‘Shopify tracks this product’s inventory’. If this setting has already been saved – it is likely your email alerts could be in a queue. Please wait an hour, and if you still have not received an email alert – do contact our support team and we should be able to track the email and investigate further, and address your query.

In Stock Alerts- Shopify inventory policy

In Stock Alerts button not appearing, what do I do?

Ideally, the In Stock alerts button should appear if the inventory level is set to ‘0’ or less. Our code is set so that it reads the Add to Cart or Sold out button text and attaches itself to it. We have noticed that certain themes use different element names – and we would just need to extend support for our button to appear. In case the inventory level for the product is set to ‘0’ and the button does not appear, please contact support for assistance and we should be able to assist and address your query as swiftly as possible.


What is included with In Stock Alerts’ app Free plan?

On a Free plan,  the ‘Notify me’ or ‘Email me when available’ button will appear on products with inventory level set to 0 on shopify admin console. Shoppers can enter their email address and subscribe for an alert. The admin can find the email addresses and data on the products for which alerts have been subscribed for – from Swym Dashboard -> Reports -> Alerts Subscriptions. You can then send personalized email alerts to these email addresses. You can download the report and import it to your mail service provider list.

Swym In Stock Alerts reports



I am unable to complete installation. The wizard does not take me to the next step?

We have code checks in place that do not support certain special characters in the email field or in the store name field. This could be the reason why the wizard is not allowing you to complete the setup. Please remove any special characters and try again. In case you would like the special characters such as (©, ™, ® etc) to be included – please contact our support team and we shall certainly try and help out.

Can the In Stock Alerts email pop-up be customized to match my website’s branding?

Yes, we can customize the font styles and colors to match the website’s branding. We have also made text changes and language changes for customers on a paid plan. Please email our support team and they would certainly be able to look at your site, make suggestions and help customize the app to suit your requirements.

When I enter my email to be notified of a product back in stock, nothing reflects in the Swym dashboard?

The code that runs to update the dashboard runs every 2 hours. Please check the dashboard reports 2 hours or so after you have subscribed for an product alert or have updated the inventory level. The reports should reflect the data by then. If you still do not see the report updated, please email our support team and one of us should certainly help out with the issue.

Is there a way to get a list of emails or products or is this a Pro feature?

You can view and download the alert subscription report from Swym Dashboard -> Under Reports, Alert Subscriptions. You can also get the list of products alerts have been subscribed for and list of users who have subscribed for alerts from In Stock Alerts Products and In Stock Alerts Users. The ‘Sent Emails’ (available only for customers on a paid plan) report gives you the list of email address/products for which alerts have been sent to.