How do you know the Swym Wishlist Plus app is working for your store?

You found the Swym Wishlist Plus app in the Shopify app store page and installed it. You then spent time configuring it and it looks great on your site. What next? Bet you have lots of questions like —  How do you know that your shoppers are even using it? Did the Wishlist app help you make any revenue?? What are the most popular items that people have Wishlisted?

Go no further..To get answers to all of your above questions and more, just log on to the Swym dashboard by going to your Shopify admin console ->Apps ->Wishlist Plus.

Swym Dashboard

The Swym dashboard is where you can get a holistic view about how your site is doing and how the Wishlist + app is being used on your site. 

Clicking on the WIshlist Plus app in your Shopify admin console, will take you to the Summary page.

We will go through all the individual components in the summary page of the dashboard.

Metrics Summary

This section gives you a high level overview of how your site has been doing and how Swym apps have helped you.

Shopify Wishlist+ app Metrics Dashboard

Site activity :

The first tile helps you understand the total # of sessions that you have had on your store since Swym Wishlist Plus app was installed.You can drill down into SITE ACTIVITY to understand the usage on your site by clicking on the tile

Swym Engagement:

This green tile helps you understand how many of your users have interacted with your Swym Wishlist module either by adding a product to wishlist or looking at their Wishlisted items, etc. You can drill down into SWYM ENGAGEMENT to understand the usage on your site by clicking on the tile

Conversion Data:

The 3rd tile helps you understand your revenue metrics both across your site, and specifically influenced by the Swym Wishlist module. We calculate this based on how many of your shoppers bought products on your site after interacting with the products in their Wishlist. You can drill into details of CONVERSION DATA to understand the usage of Swym Wishlist and the products that are wishlisted

Wishlist data

This is the information that makes you understand how useful is the Swym Wishlist app on your site

Shopify Wishlist+ app Wishlist data

Wishlist Actions:

This is the total number of items your shoppers have added to their Wishlist in the specified time period.

Avg per day :

This is the average number of Wishlist actions that happen on your site per day. This includes “add to Wishlist”, “View wishlist “ ,”remove from wishlist”


This is the number of users who have used the Wishlist module on your store. There is a direct correlation between wishlist usage and purchase activity and you want to make it easy for your shoppers to use the Wishlist. Here are some useful ways to maximize engagement for your Wishlist module.


This is the total number of distinct products that your shoppers have added to their wishlists.

Wishlist reports

This is the information that makes you understand how useful is the Swym Wishlist app on your site

Shopify app Wishlist+ Wishlist reports

Top Wishlisted products

This section shows you the 5 most popular products that shoppers have added to their Wishlist on your store, along with the frequency of addition for each product.

Top Wishlist users

This section shows you the most engaged users on your site that are using your Wishlist module.


Our Reports module that’s available via the Dashboard (supported on our Paid plans) provides a comprehensive view of the Wishlist activity on your site, as well as data on Product Purchases and Abandoned Carts. You can activate a free trial of this and other premium features here


Stay tuned for Part-II of this blog post that will delve into deeper detail on each section of the dashboard and how to get the most value from our Dashboard. If there is any other data you’d like to see as part of the Dashboard, we’d love to see how to make that happen – please drop us a note and let us know

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  • Viv Allinson

    I have recently added the basic app to my store and have found it quite confusing to navigate, particularly as I can’t see what customers have wishlisted which items, making it difficult to approach them to convert to sales.
    For example, if I knew that had wishlisted something I really wanted to sell off, then I could offer a suitable discount to make the conversion.
    Also, in testing the wishlist myself with a test “wish”, I am unable to delete this product. I can’t convert it to “basket” and then delete it as the item has since sold out. It is unsatisfactory and messy that I am left with an obsolete “wish” for the rest of my life!

    I love the idea of a wish list for the reasons stated in my first paragraph, but I am not happy with this app.
    Your representative NISHA has been most helpful, but the issues remain unsolved due to the limitations of your software.
    Please help.

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