How do you know if “In Stock Alerts” is working in your Shopify store?

Sometimes after you install an app from the Shopify app store, you see no visible changes to your store’s website and that makes you wonder if the app is even working. The Swym “In Stock alerts” app could be one such app where the visible changes to the site aren’t always obvious.

NOTE : Automatic emails are available only for paid In Stock Alert plans

  • Install the “In Stock Alerts” app. Go through the Wizard and set it up completely.
  • Go to your store and navigate to a product that you know is “Out of stock”
  • You will see the “Email me when available” button on the left or right or near the “Sold out” button, depending on how you configured the app, as shown above.

(Note: If you don’t see the button, click here and we will get in touch with you and configure it for you.)

  • Click on the “Email me when available” button on the page.
  • Enter an Email address

  • Now go to the Shopify admin console and increase the inventory on this product.
  • You will receive an email notification for the stock alert within a few minutes.

If you receive this email, that means your configuration is correct and you are all set from the app’s perspective. The next time an inventory update happens, your shoppers who have subscribed to be notified for that product, will automatically receive an email notification.

Note: Feel free to reach out to us at any point during setup and we will help you configure.

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