Enabling Wishlist+ through your Shopify site menu

[This is the third post in our How to series – we recommend reading our introductory post on the subject first before reading this]

As you know, Swym’s Wishlist+ app includes a shopping assistant module that can be customized with your site’s brand preferences, and seamlessly integrated into your e-commerce site as a native capability. As a default option, Relay or the Wishlist+ module allows you to add a floating anchor button that serves as the launch point for the Relay UI module and this button can be placed on the left or right sidebar on your site – you can use the Swym Dashboard to specify this placement.

However, depending on your site theme, or on your site layout, adding a floating button like that might not be ideal. Further, you might want to add a static menu item that helps your users navigate to their wishlist/browse-history module because that is less disruptive to the user experience on your site and yet gives your shoppers a way to . Adding a static menu option to launch the Relay UI in such a scenario is very straight-forward and takes just a few simple steps:

Steps: Adding menu item in 2 simple steps

1.From Swym’s Wishlist+ dashboard customization screen

  • Select As a menu item for ‘How should the launch point be exposed on your site?’
  • Click Save and Publish to save settings

2.From Shopify admin console for your store

  • Click on the Online Store menu-item in the Sales section of your admin console. A new section called Online Store should open up when you do this
  • In the new Online Store section, select the Navigation menu item
  • Click on the Edit Menu button for your Main menu – this should contain your current menu definition
  • Click on Add menu item to add the menu item for your Relay module and specify the following:
    • Name – You want to label this to be consistent with the brand name you selected for Wishlist+ on your site
    • Link – Choose “Web Address”
    • And in the text box next to Link, paste the following text:
  • Click on ‘Save Menu’ and there, done! You should now see a new menu option on your site that allows users to launch the Relay module or the Wishlist+ module UI by clicking on this menu item. Note that you’ll need to Save and Publish your Wishlist+ settings to make sure the default floating anchor button no longer appears, and the new added menu item becomes the primary access point for the Wishlist+ module.

Note – If you have a dynamic rendering menu, please use the below as the web address,


If you have any further queries on adding the wishlist link to the header menu, or would like to make any changes, please email us and we’ll be happy to help.

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  • beatrice watters

    i love this app very easy to use

  • Jack Jordan

    Is it possible to hide or remove the add to cart button?

    • Arvind Krishnan

      Hi Jack – Our support team will get in touch with you to help resolve this. Thanks!

  • Alim

    Menu Item wont work for me. It says Page Not Found. Perhaps code is not working for me

    • Arvind Krishnan

      Hi Alim – our support team will get in touch to resolve this issue for you

      • Alim

        Case. Resolved. It appears I was not able to use it as a sub-menu item. Something to Fix Guys 🙂 My theme is called boundless.

        • Arvind Krishnan

          Thanks Alim, we’ll take a look at the sub-menu issue and see how we can address it 🙂

  • kiyan

    Menu Item won’t work for me. It says Page Not Found. Perhaps code is not working for me

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