Embed an Add to Wishlist action on any of your marketing channels

There is a shift in the way consumers buy, as they are faced with multiple options across the path to purchase via multiple channels across various devices. As e-commerce marketers try to keep up with their tech-savvy shoppers, it has become imperative to offer features that provide a congruous experience during such multi-faceted shopping  journeys. At Swym, this is dear to us as we believe in crafting simple features that enable marketers to offer continuity to their customers’ online shopping experience.

Our Wishlist+ app for Shopify does just this – it captures wishlist and shopping activity regardless of the device the shopper is on, only to help the shopper pick-up where they left-off with their previous shopping session, effortlessly. As we keep building on our platform, we are excited to announce a new feature we just launched – with the Wishlist+ app you can now enable an ‘Add to Wishlist’  button/link for your shoppers on any channel – email, ad, social media etc. Your users are increasingly choosing which channels they interact with you on, so its important that you are giving them ways to preserve their context across as many of those channels as possible. And especially given how pervasive the mobile device has become, a capability that allows them to bookmark their preferences can be a solid asset for you. Enabling this feature is a simple 2-step process,

Step 1: Just add the Swym tag ‘?swaction=addtowishlist’ to your regular product page URL parameters. Here’s a quick example link from our demo store: https://swymdemo.myshopify.com/products/isla-crossbody-handbag?swaction=AddtoWishlist

Step 2: Attach Link – Copy this tagged URL to any button/link and use it in your channel of choice where the product placement is appropriate – email, social media etc., and Wishlist+ will do the rest. When shoppers click on your button, the product will automatically be added to their wishlist, and they can access the same via the Wishlist+ UI on any device.

Here are some ideas for email you can use this feature update with:

– Recommendations email

– Promote a seasonal Sale

– Exclusive preview to products just-in

Don’t forget to inform your shoppers about this feature via emails or social media to drive better engagement to your website.

This research by Deloitte showed that on an average, multichannel customers spent nearly twice that of their store-only peers. The major reason for shoppers to use multiple channels is convenience. Smart brands now understand this and engage their shoppers using innovative features. We think such seamless shopping experiences should be a must, and hence we’ve kept this feature update FREE, just like our Wishlist+ app!

If you haven’t installed already, you can download the Swym Wishlist+ Shopify App HERE and enable our smart wishlist on your Shopify site in a matter of minutes. 

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