Adding items to your customer’s Wishlist on their behalf

As a seasoned e-commerce brand, you know that your customers are typically engaging with you on more than one channel – it really comes down to which channel is convenient for them at that point in time, and what they are looking to accomplish. A shopper’s journey that starts on your Facebook page, might well make its way to your website, a subsequent visit to your physical store, and maybe eventually return to your site to make that purchase. As they navigate their journeys across all these channels, the customer’s expectation is that the interaction will be truly seamless. They don’t really care about which channel they are currently on, they just expect that the experience is consistent and personalized. And if they’ve invested their valuable time in making some progress on their journey, they simply want you to recognize that, and make it easy for them to pick up where they left off.

At Swym, we recognize how critical that is to your success as a brand – our mission has always been about helping you meet that customer expectation without consciously thinking about it. As the leading Wishlist app on the Shopify platform, we take the responsibility of helping you manage your customers’ favorite products very seriously and are constantly investing in our platform from an omni-channel perspective. At the risk of over-simplifying, that really boils down to making two things happen:

  1. Make it easy for your customers to bookmark their favorites
  2. Make it easy for you to engage your customers in personalized fashion based on their favorites

As you’ll probably recall, we’ve added a number of capabilities over time to support those two objectives and I am absolutely thrilled to share our most recent update in this context. Using the Swym Dashboard (if you are on our Pro plan or higher), your store personnel can now add items to a customer’s wishlist on their behalf. This has been an extremely popular customer feature request for the last few weeks, and hugely important to brands that manage both an online site as well as offline/physical stores. Imagine a customer that’s visiting the store and your staff wanting to look up that customer’s Wishlist contents while they are there, or that you have a customer that’s contacted your support team asking about one of the items that they’ve liked – you can now easily add it to their Wishlist, and have it show up for them when they visit the site in the future. In fact, that same physical store scenario was discussed on an analyst blog post talking about how brands could leverage a module like Swym Wishlist Plus to improve their omni-channel game – so we are especially excited about bringing you this capability now. 

We recognize that it’s also powerful to be able to re-engage your customers in personalized fashion by leveraging the context you already have on them. That’s why we make it easy for you to retarget your shoppers based on their Wishlist actions via your Facebook Pixel, or personalize your email campaigns to them with triggered emails that are deeply integrated with your Email Service Provider  (We support integrations with most of the leading ESPs – Klaviyo, DotMailer, Bronto, Mailchimp and SendGrid – please email us if you’d like to extend support for any others that aren’t on this list). But we know it doesn’t stop there – one request that we’ve consistently been hearing from a lot of you, for instance, is to have the ability to view a customer’s wishlist so you have that data handy when you engage with her. Especially for high-touch brands, or brands that have a physical store, we realize this can be extremely powerful in delivering a wow experience for your customers. With this latest update, in addition to being able to add to a customer’s wishlist, you can also view the contents of their existing wishlist via the Swym Dashboard. Just provide the customer’s email address, and voila, their Wishlist is available for you to view right inside the Dashboard. Using this new feature is pretty straightforward with just 3 simple steps – here is how it works:

  1. On your Swym Dashboard, go to the Tools menu and select Customer Wishlists. Enter the email address of the customer whose wishlist you are looking to view/add to
  2. To access the customer’s Wishlist items, simply click View Wishlist and the tool will fetch the wishlist items for her.
  3. To add to the customer’s Wishlist, click Add Products to Wishlist and that should open up a search box. Search for the product (type in any part of the Product name), and from the displayed results, click the Add to Wishlist button on the product you are looking to add. And you are done!

Add items to customer's wishlists

Exciting as this update is, we most certainly believe this is just the first step. Are there other capabilities you’d like us to extend as part of this? We’d absolutely love to hear any feedback you have on how we can make this more useful for you and we’ll do our best to make that happen. In the meantime, we hope you are able to create some truly wow experiences for your customers with this most recent update!

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