6 essential e-commerce dashboards in Google Analytics

Customers interact with brands using multiple devices, through varied channels. As a result, there is an abundance of data along the dimensions of Velocity, Variety and Volume (the 3Vs that define the concept of big data) that a marketer needs to be able to synthesize and get actionable insights from, in order to create efficient strategies that make all that data gathering meaningful.

In the e-commerce ecosphere, Google Analytics (GA) is the go-to tool for data analytics. Google Analytics has an allowance of 20 dashboards. Each dashboard can support a maximum of 12 widgets per report, and each widget is limited to 10 rows per widget.

Creating dashboards is a pesky task though – it takes time and a lot of research to arrive at the optimal list of reports that convey the right set of data points to your stakeholders or managers. To cope with this, Google Analytics Solutions has the perfect collection of install-ready dashboards for e-commerce that help track and report conversions, sales, hits and misses.

Here are 6 essential customized Google Analytics dashboards perfect for e-commerce available for free via the Google Analytics’ Custom reports and Dashboards gallery:

  1. Perfect Dashboard by Portent

Very aptly named, this is indeed a perfect dashboard for a quick overview of your business’s health. One glance and you’ll get a fairly complete executive summary of how your site is performing. The metrics you have access to are:

  • Revenue
  • Source of revenue generated- Pageviews, Visits and Sales
  • Channel – referral pie chart
  • Visits and Revenue table
  • High traffic keywords
  • ‘Top landing pages’ table, that displays landing pages sorted by pageviews and average time on the site.
  1. Social media Analytics dashboard by Justin Crutoni

This bundle provides a better understanding of how your social media strategy is impacting your e-commerce’s’ business strategy. The key reports in the Social Media Analytics dashboard include:

  • Revenue per visit value by social network, an essential tool providing revenue from social traffic and revenue per session.
  • New visitor acquisition from social that shows a percentage of new visitors to your site driven from social media.
  • Social visits and quality from mobile
  • To give a quick overview of how social media is performing for your brand, this dashboard also gives you at-a-glance reports on metrics around on-site activity, off-site activity, conversions and outcomes etc, making it easy for you to evaluate user activity during the conversion process.
  1. Email Dashboard by Blast Analytics

Email marketing is a must-do in your planning and strategy in order to increase sales to your store in an effective way. Blast Analytics’ Email Marketing Google Analytics dashboard is great for e-commerce, in providing some critical insights about traffic to your store with some useful data points about your email marketing process. Here are some reports offered in this dashboard:

  • Revenue generated through email marketing,
  • Products generating most revenue through email marketing campaigns.
  • Email campaign performance report (if you have UTM tag links in your email campaigns
  • Bounce rate for email traffic
  • Landing page report, country/by region performance report from email traffic only
  1. SEO Dashboard by Anna Lewis at Koozai

SEO is unquestionably one of the most critical items in any e-commerce site’s digital marketing strategy. This dashboard by Anna provides lots of nifty organic SEO metrics in one quick view. Apart from key reports such as total organic visits, performance of brand and non-branded organic keywords etc., it also shows:

  • Pages per visit by organic keyword
  • Top organic keywords and % of bounce visits
  • Source (Google, Bing, Yahoo, search, Ask etc) of organic visits
  • Most successful keywords by goals
  • Pages per visit per organic keyword
  1. All-in-one e-commerce Dashboard by Paolo Margari

This Google analytics dashboard provides for a quick synopsis of the key aspects of your e-commerce’s health that is easy to understand, even for those who are non-technical or who do not use Google analytics. Here are some widgets that this dashboard provides:

  • Unique number of visitors (users) or transactions
  • Conversion rate by medium and device
  • Total Revenue
  • Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Revenue breakdown by device: desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Transaction and Conversion rate break-down by device
  • Sources and medium of revenue generating traffic
  1. Mobile E-commerce Dashboard by Justin Cutroni

M-commerce is gaining momentum and consumer behavior is steadily shifting toward leveraging handheld devices whilst making their purchase from an online store. Justin Cutroni’s handy Google analytics dashboard for e-commerce marketers and online retailers to analyse such mobile visitor’s behavior, and receive snippets of insightful data about your mobile device traffic. Some widgets provided in this report are:

  • Revenue from mobile traffic
  • Organic keywords from mobile devices
  • Bounce rate vs. Average session
  • Top pages from mobile devices
  • Mobile revenue and Average order value
  • Top products purchase from mobile devices
  • Top performing mobile campaigns (UTM tagging required)


To get the optimal results out of these dashboards do not forget to UTM tag your campaigns. This will help in tracking medium and campaign sources. Dashboards are a great way to extract maximum value from Google analytics for your e-commerce business strategies and having these tailor-made dashboards at your disposal takes care of the tedious data collection and organization efforts, thereby enabling you to focus your time on what matters, the key metrics that drive your business’s bottom-line.

Which of these dashboards do you already use? Any other preferred dashboards for e-commerce that you suggest we should include in the list above? Do let us know in the comments below.


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    Hi Nisha,

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